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Innovative Marketers Open New Frontiers in Interactive Digital Advertising

Agency MEE- a digital marketing and advertising agency specialized in entertainment marketing, is paving the way to the future by exploiting the latest technological trends to move beyond traditional two-way communication “view and click” advertising.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- In today's cyber-connected world where social media has not just changed the way people interact, but the way people consume information, traditional digital marketing has caused an advertising blindspot within the digital space.

Agency Mee is taking a lead in the digital arena by combining the latest technological trends; it utilizes its proprietary interactive tools to create and execute digital marketing campaigns that provide engaging experiences for the user to interact directly with a client's promoted content.

"Our goal is to enrich and expand user experience with a diversity of engaging models, such as interactive 'video ads' and immersive 'ad concepts", states a spokesperson for AgencyMee.

This entirely new approach to non-linear advertising is a perfect fit for the entertainment industry, as it draws consumers into an open and interactive dialogue as part of the content experience, helping maximise and spread a project's visibility.

A key advantage of this fresh interactive approach for entertainment industry players is that it creates a platform for a multitude of new projects to quickly gain wide and extensive exposure well ahead of their release, which will continue to build and sustain global awareness throughout the process.

Agency Mee's mission is to evolve towards more participant interactive and immersive marketing strategies to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for new and mainstream consumer experiences, thereby optimising their client's goals.

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We are a digital marketing agency specialized in interactive marketing. We offer a complete range of online digital services, our business acumen - allied with our innovative, creative flair and technical expertise is what set us apart. It's not where we are; it's where we are going!

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