New Book "One Mother of a Trip" Tackles the Challenges of Mother Daughter Relationships


Birmingham, West Midlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- You may think that if you've read one book about the challenges of mother daughter relationships you've read them all. That would definitely be a mistake because PM Thomas' new book, One Mother of a Trip, will make you look at these relationships with a new perspective. Join the growing list of people around the country who have laughed and cried with Monika and her daughter Viktoria.

The two are estranged as often mothers and daughters are. It's a sad reality that really troubles Monika who sincerely wants to repair the damage and build a better relationship. So she plans a trip for them. She envisions it to be the vacation of a lifetime, a chance to finally bridge the gap between them, and make up for her gravest mistake in the past.

As any parent knows that can be easier said than done especially when a daughter loathes everything about her mother and wants nothing to do with her. Viktoria trapped in a car with the last person on earth she'd want to spend time with is a harrowing thought much less a reality. But that's exactly what happens, so the mother and daughter find themselves desperately trying to survive each other as they embark on one mother of a trip filled with much laughter and tears along the way full of much colourful banter, generational squabbling, a satire on the modern age, the customs of the youth today and how simpler and better times were back in the good old 1980s, and a quest for forgiveness, redemption and salvation.

At its heart, the book is a love story, not in the conventional means, that shows that everyone of us has the power to redeem ourselves and forgive someone, it's just a matter of realizing it. It's a metaphor that we all have a journey to embark on inside, the road may have complications, some twists and turns, but at the end, when we reach our destination, we emerge as a better, enlightened individual.

About P.M. Thomas
P.M. Thomas is an author and screenwriter; he has always had a true love and a true passion for the art of cinema, the art of storytelling and art in general.

For him, everything creative is a form of art. His favorite art is storytelling, he loves the creativity that goes into creating a story that captivates an audience and reader and fills them with powerful emotions. He relishes expressing himself with his work.

He adores creating new stories, giving life to new ideas. He will, now and forever more write, it is his life.

To quote the author himself: "You will enjoy reading this book that will touch every parent and teenager" so don't miss out on reading one mother of a book.

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