Superior Investment Firm Launches New Website with Cash Offer

Roland Phelps of Superior Investment Firm has launched a new website to better assist clients with distressed properties obtain real-world solutions and/or cash offers.


Burlington, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- Superior Investment Firm just received a virtual makeover. The company's media management team (ThinkZILLA) helped the company develop and "flip" its website. Roland Phelps, CEO of Superior Investment Firm, has a unique talent for flipping properties and finding real world solutions for everyday challenges when it comes to real estate and finances.

"The website is upgraded with the customer in mind. A cash offer can now be presented within 24 hours and we have a specific section for investors. All the information about the company, the terms, photos and more are readily available on the website, which is now easier to navigate," said Velma Trayham of ThinkZILLA PR & Marketing.

Superior Investment Firm was developed out of a need and acts as an advocacy tool to match homeowners in distress with the right type of deals. The company also pairs investors with properties specific to their individual ROI needs. The company welcomes clients seeking creative and principled solutions related to "challenged properties," with savvy in purchasing distressed homes as a "win-win" maneuver for both the client and the community. By renovating these properties and ultimately reselling them, Superior Investment Firm is able to deliver customized and caring resolutions for all parties involved.

"I don't think anyone predicts having to seek out help when it comes to real estate but it is fantastic to know there are people like Roland Phelps, who has over a decade of experience within this industry, available to help. His company is truly invested in helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel with reasonable and fair solutions," finished Trayham.

Superior Investment Firm is located in Houston, Texas and services the surrounding areas. All quotes are provided as a service of the new website and carry no cash-value or obligation until the client chooses to further the real estate relationship.

For aspiring home owners, 2015 could be the year for home ownership dreams to become a reality. With so many unforeseen conditions in real estate, how can you be sure that all important first home is a good investment?

Houston entrepreneur Roland Phelps, president of Superior Investment Firm, is a real estate investment specialist. Phelps has a unique talent for identifying diamonds in the rough when it comes to real estate purchases. Phelps has more than a decade of experience under his belt – experienced enough to have an expert's take on Houston real estate, but also fresh enough to have cutting-edge ideas.

As you consider segments/stories on local real estate investment, Roland Phelps is available to provide advice and informative commentary that viewers/listeners/readers are sure to enjoy. Members of the press can request an interview with Roland Phelps about his company, the new website, and how his services are helping the community from a financial yet empathic-view.

About Superior Investment Firm, LLC
Superior Investment Firm, LLC not only helps people buy homes at a reasonable price and helps others sell theirs for considerable profit- the company also buy homes to renovate them and then rent or sell them. The company is proud to be amongst the leading real estate solutions provider within its location.

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