IT's Not Just Women Who Suffer from Hot Flashes


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- Hot flashes have always been associated with women, especially when they are experiencing menopause. However, women do not have monopoly on hot flashes, since men, too, suffer from them, although not as rampant as that in women, and for a different cause.

Hot flashes in men commonly occur during the andropause stage, the equivalent of women's menopause. It is at this point when men's testosterone levels become so low that the brain is misled into believing that the body is overheating. To combat overheating, the skin's blood vessels open up wider in order to let the heat out, resulting to hot flashes.

Men also experience hot flashes when they are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer through androgen deprivation therapy, where testosterone levels take a massive drop. The Harvard Men's Health Watch of the Harvard Medical School reported that about 70% to 80% of men undergoing this type of therapy for prostate cancer experience hot flashes.

The symptoms of hot flashes in men are similar to those in women. They feel uncomfortable warmth and flushing on their faces, necks, and other parts of the body, even their trunk. Their skin will redden and they also tend to sweat excessively, especially at night in bed.

Hot flashes in men are treatable through several processes. If they are dealing with andropause hot flashes, one possible treatment is what is known as "bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy". Those who are experiencing hot flashes due to prostate cancer treatments have the option of taking small doses of estrogen, which is used in treating hot flashes in women. There are also health supplements and medications that can be taken.

Gels and sprays with cooling capabilities also provide relief from hot flashes. Those who are not comfortable using such aids can opt for hot flash pillows, also known as cooling pillows. These days, cooling pillows now make use of gel technology to keep body temperature low and remain cool for a long time. For better results, men require cooling pillows that are large and wide enough to accommodate their bulk and are guaranteed to keep them cool.

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