Patsco Houston Windshield Repair Launch $25 Windshield Repair Coupon to Keep Drivers Safe

Leading Houston Auto Glass Repair service is offering car owners a 50 percent discount coupon. The coupon will allow car drivers in or near Houston to have their cracked windshield repaired for half price.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Car windshields will crack, no matter how minor and can cause serious damage if left unattended. A crack on a windshield can continue to expand with the vibration of the car while traveling. That can then result in the whole windshield cracking, which can cause a road traffic accident if it occurs while the vehicle is moving. Patsco, a leading Windshield Repair service in Houston, is helping drivers to avoid serious accidents with their 50 percent discount coupon.

Patsco Windshield Repair Houston TX (, 50 percent discount coupon can be downloaded from their site. They hope with their discount coupon and awareness campaign, it will make more people aware of how serious a small crack in a windshield can become. With their awareness campaign, the Houston auto glass repair company hope to make the roads safer and avoid serious accidents.

Many drivers believe a small chip in a windshield will not cause them any problems, and do not think about the expense that can result if the whole windshield shatters and has to be replaced. Through the Houston Auto glass repair service that expense could be avoided. A Windshield chip repair service prevents further damage when a crack appears and helps improve driver vision. Diagnosing the problem early on helps the driver avoid costly bills and more importantly helps to avoid a serious accident.

It is common sense for drivers to check their headlights, and brake lights each week. However, not many drivers inspect their windshield, which could be a costly mistake. Patsco, the Houston windshield repair experts, advise drivers to include windscreen checks to avoid accidents and the cost of replacing a auto glass. If a crack is detected, it can be repaired in most cases within 15-20 minutes and now with the special Houston auto glass repair coupon, it can be repaired for much less.

To download the 50 percent discount coupon and to learn more about the Houston Windshield Crack Repair Service, please visit please visit or call 713-340-9355

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