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Lice Lifters of Cranford, NJ Announces Availability for All Natural Lice Treatment


Cranford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- As the holiday seasons begins to wrap up, parents may notice their children insistently scratching their heads. Many are likely to attribute it to a dried out scalp as they do not want to think there is a lice infestation in their house. If a parent suspects there is even just a small chance that their child has lice, they should air on the side of caution and have them inspected before it spreads to the rest of the family. Helping children enjoy the remainder of their winter break, Lice Lifters of Cranford, NJ has announced that they have availabilities for their all natural lice treatment.

Lice Lifters of Cranford, NJ, the premier lice treatment center in North Jersey, uses a three-step process to ensure that no lice or nits are missed. The treatment begins with a specialist using the FDA-cleared AirAllé device. Over the course of an hour, it will kill the lice and their eggs by dehydrating them through the application of a specific temperature and airflow to the area. The AirAllé treatment is guaranteed to kill 87% of lice and 99.2% of nits on the scalp. The device excels at killing the eggs, which are most resilient to traditional lice removal products.

After the hour long treatment has ended, a combination of The Nit Nanny Nit Removal Comb and The Nit Nanny Removal Mousse is used on the scalp. The process ensures that all the dead insects are removed, and there are no remnants or chances of nits surviving. Once the head has been thoroughly cleaned, the specialist will recommend a follow-up appointment to make sure the lice are not making a comeback. After the treatment, patients may want to use The Nit Nanny Mint Detangler Spray to help keep any stray lice in the house at bay.

Parents looking for an all-natural head lice treatment in North Jersey should schedule an appointment with Lice Lifters of Cranford, NJ. Those interested in learning more about the center's treatments or purchasing The Nit Nanny at-home solutions can visit their website today.

About Lice Lifters
Lice Lifters® of Cranford, NJ, is dedicated to providing their clients with effective remedies and treatment solutions to rid any head of the louse, nits, or lice living there. One treatment from the professionals provides for a lice free head. Utilizing the FDA Cleared AirAllé™ Heated Lice Device and The Nit Nanny Products, which are kid friendly and non-toxic, Lice Lifters only provides safe and effective treatment. Michele Barrack established Lice Lifters® of Cranford, NJ as a result of being a mother who had experienced lice with her own children.

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