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Mac's Janitorial Services Now Offering Window Washing This Winter


Maple Shade, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- Whenever a meteorologist even mentions the word "snow," everyone goes into a panic and towns spread hundreds of pounds of salt. Between gusts of wind and passing traffic, storefront windows quickly become caked in a gritty white layer of salt. Helping businesses maintain an immaculately clean building inside and out, Mac's Janitorial Services is now offering window washing this winter. Their cleaning services will have the windows as clean as the day they left the factory.

As a store's front window is typically very large, it is important for owners to ensure they are properly maintained to extend the lifespan of the expensive piece of glass. With the variety of pollutants in the air that can degrade the quality of the window, chemical snow melts add to an already hazardous cocktail. When left unattended, these toxins will sit on the surface and eat away at the surface layer of the glass, which can create openings for moisture to seep into the pane. Once water has an entrance point, it can collect and expand leading to unsightly cracks. With Mac's Janitorial Services, a leading name in janitorial services in Camden, business owners can rest assured the salt will never sit long enough to cause any damage to the window.

Along with posing a threat to the integrity of the glass, clean windows also create a better environment for clients and customers. Salt sticking to a pane looks bad enough, but it collects dirt and turns black when left unattended, which can serve as a deterrence for customers. The thick layer of salt melt will block light from entering the space and create a negative work environment for employees. Dirty windows also provide an area that is prime to foster the growth of mold and spread toxins throughout the store.

When looking for janitorial services in Burlington, NJ that specialize in window washing, turn to the experts at Mac's Janitorial Services. Those interested in having their storefront professionally cleaned can receive a free quote from the company by visiting their website today.

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