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Discrimination and Harassment: Bold New Book Depicts Young Female Doctor's Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs in Medical System Run by "Bunch of Thugs"

Sophia H. Garrett’s ‘Discrimination and Harassment: One woman's Personal Story of Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph’ tells the shocking, harrowing yet ultimately uplifting story of one young female doctor’s experiences working in a misogynistic and racist medical world. From her day-to-day struggles as a less-favored employee being subjected to abuse by her fellow Doctors, through to her staunch legal battle and ultimate victory, Garrett’s account will be both gripping and insightful for anyone experiencing plight in the workplace.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- When Sophia H. Garrett was training to become a Doctor, she had visions of holding a respected position in society and being given every opportunity under the sun to help save the lives of her patients. What she didn't expect was abuse from her fellow medical professionals, being forced to take a lower salary just because she was female and facing schedules so grueling that she was literally being worked to death.

The entire story, its grassroots emotion and ultimate defeat is exposed in 'Discrimination and Harassment - One woman's Personal Story of Trials, Tribulations and Triumph'.


The book depicts the life of a young doctor, who is very caring, diligent and a hard worker who is being subjected to horrific discrimination and harassment of a different kind. She is also subjected to abuse and retaliation in a general hospital setting. The book details how the discrimination and harassment was used so horrifically and dangerously as it was applied to this woman, making her life a virtual nightmare. A large part was due to cultural diversity, where the boss was strongly staunch in his beliefs, handpicking staff doctors who shared his beliefs and cultural similarities. He especially hired foreign born males. In return, these doctors gave allegiance to the boss. Why should they complain as they reaped significant rewards in terms of a lighter work schedule, bonuses, increased salary and time off. The woman's plight was horrible and unbelievable. She was treated so differently that it was really flagrantly obvious. She was female, born in the USA and was made the odd ball in an American institution. She knew that she was not the favored, so she tried to lay low, just continuing to do her work. This was not satisfactory to the boss, even though she was taking care of the highest percentage of patients, working a schedule that was virtually impossible, being extremely heavy. Yet, she knew that she had to be perfect or else she would suffer substantial retribution or threats that could affect her reputation and medical career. In other words, she was being worked to death!!

The other most substantial part was how the discrimination and harassment was carried out and applied to her. She came to realize that the boss and management were very devious and sinister in their discriminatory methods, as they were not happy with her finally speaking up, challenging the inequality of workload, multiple missed opportunities, and working constantly with no time to breath.

Ultimately, the doctor came to the realization that these men were a "bunch of thugs", evil and malicious who really did not care for the patients. It is hard to believe that the boss and management were really wicked monsters and the woman was their target. They used weaponry in the form of relentless criticism, incessant biased peer reviews, and threats of all professional kinds which were an everyday thing. Of course, this impacted on her health, emotionally and physically.

The book also covers the legal entanglements and dealings with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission process and how she was more successful litigating the case by herself.

"This is a story that the world needs to hear, because it is far from rare; in fact, the same saga is likely playing out with someone living on the same street as you," explains the author. "The difference is that they are doing as I once was – suffering in silence and afraid to stand up and affect change."
Continuing, "But deciding to take a stance was only the start of my problems. The official dispute channels were useless to me, which led me to instead fight alone. I emerged victorious and I hope my story will help others understand that they can do the same."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, one reviewer stated, "I recommend this book to anyone facing a workplace environment that is not friendly to its workers or co-workers. Long live Sophia H, Garrett, for writing this masterpiece."

'Discrimination and Harassment One woman's Personal Story of Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph' is available now: http://amzn.to/1B5b6Xu

About Sophia H. Garrett
The author is a medical physician who has graduated from Medical School, has done 1 yr of a medical internship, and has completed 4 yrs of a psychiatric residency.