FALLING IN LOL Says Laughter Can Help Improve a Person's Health by Reducing Stress Levels

There is a saying that laughter is the best medicine. According to Falling In LOL, laughter is the best natural medicine and can help reduce stress.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Falling In LOL, which is a website that helps people reduce their stress levels through laughter, has said it is important that people reduce their stress levels to avoid serious health problems. Stress can cause health problems, which includes headaches, muscle pain and tension, stomach pain, or fatigue. When a person suffers from stress, it can also cause heart disease, obesity, as well as high blood pressure, which show the importance of finding ways to combat stress. With the serious health problems that stress can cause, the Falling In LOL ( has become an important site in helping people achieve better health.

According to reports, people suffering from stress are on the increase. This has been put down to the modern world we live in and the troubles that people face on a daily basis. The reasons, why people suffer from stress more now than five years ago, has been blamed on debt, relationship problems, job security, the high cost of living, and high unemployment. However, although stress can damage a person's health, it also costs the economy over £10billion a year.

Health experts have warned the increase in stress costs the NHS more now than it has previously done so. With the rise, the NHS is spending it could results in other NHS services being cut back. Each year it costs the NHS over £33m for local GPs to help patients with stress while NHS Hospitals are spending a further £260million. However, some experts have predicted this is not the true figure and in reality, it costs the NHS even more money to help people who are suffering from stress related problems.

Businesses and the NHS have been looking at cost effective methods to deal with the stress problem, and according to people who have suffered from stress the Falling IN LOL website could be the answer.

The Falling IN LOL website has set a goal to help people who are suffering from stress, to help them achieve better health through laughter. The laughter therapy technique is helping people overcome stress and with the positive results they have been achieving, the number of people suffering from stress in the UK could fall.

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FALLING IN LOL also known as Falling in Love Of Laughter is a worldwide campaign, founded by Zeina Attar with the goal to bring laughter, happiness and health back into people's life, regardless of their location, budget or position in the society. This global Laughter platform is a meeting place for people worldwide to share their photos and videos on laughter and spread it viral into the world around them.