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Anne Sutardji and Brian Rockermann Have Started an Indiegogo Campaign to Support Sesame, an Electric Garage Door Opener


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Having an electric garage door opener is a nice convenience. But this being 2015, it doesn't make full use of modern technology.

Anne Sutardji and Brian Rockermann of Fremont, CA, have brought the standard garage door opener up to date. Utilizing smartphone applications and standard WiFi, they have developed a new type of door opener that has a myriad of useful features.

It's called Sesame and provides remote control and monitoring of two garage doors with an iPhone or Android phone as well as a web browser. The keypad, installed outside the garage door, provides access to anyone without a smartphone, and also provides backup home access if a smartphone is out of power or has no signal.

People can program the Sesame system with up to 100 codes so each user (friends, family, contractors, etc.) can have a unique access code. In addition, Sesame sends a message to your smartphone every time the door is opened and will let you know who has accessed the door. If you leave home and forget to close the garage door, Sesame will let you know and allow you to close it remotely with your smartphone.

The mobile app is free with purchase of the Sesame system.

"It's an extremely secure system," says Sutardji. "When the door is opened by someone else, you'll know who it is and when it's opened. Plus, you grant or revoke access to anyone at any time from wherever you are. Another useful feature is the user's ability to assign time access windows. This way, people can only have access to your house when you allow it. The managed keypad is a wonderful complement since occasional visitors may not want to install the app on their phone."

Nearly all existing garage door openers are compatible with Sesame and it can be installed in just 15 minutes. All that's needed is an electrical outlet and WiFi access in the garage. Sesame works with all WiFi configurations.

The Basic service plan is free and supports up to four users. The Plus plan ($1.99/month) supports up to 10 users and the Premium plan ($9.99/month) supports up to 100 users.

Sutardji and Rockermann estimate they'll need $50,000 to get Sesame market-ready. This includes programming, engineering and testing.

In order to generate this start-up capital, they have launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $169, backers can receive the Sesame gateway system, which controls a single garage door from anywhere. For $269, you can get a Sesame gateway that controls two garage doors plus a wireless keypad that can be managed remotely.

A special retailer package ($2,500) includes 10 WiFi gateways plus 10 wireless keypads plus a meeting with the co-founders and installation training.

"We both feel this innovative system re-defines home access control and we're confident that our customers will see the benefits immediately," says Rockermann.

For additional information, visit; the Sesame website,; or the Sesame Facebook page,

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He  is from Fremont, CA. And he is the developer of Sesame, an electric garage door opener.

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