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Super Affiliate Machine, the New Affiliate Website Builder Launches January 20, 2015

Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) launching on January 20, 2015 for the first time by affiliate expert Austin Anthony, developer Mo Taqi, and networking expert Devin Zander. The new affiliate website builder launches to help affiliate marketers craft effective micro niche sites for profit.


Vancouver, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Super Affiliate Machine is launching on January 20, 2015. The highly anticipated affiliate marketing tool being released by Austin Anthony and Mo Taqi combines the best of expertise, experience, and software technology.

Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) was developed to be an affiliate website builder based on Austin Anthony's successful guide, APC Reloaded, which teaches affiliate marketers how to set up profitable micro niche site. APC Reloaded was well received by the internet marketing community at Warrior Forum who shared their success of sharing these passive income micro niche sites intended to generate $500+ in monthly revenue per site. (According to the author sales page)

The software SAM, was the product of a collaboration between Mo Taqi and Austin Anthony. Mo Taqi is a lead developer and well known for his involvement with the widely received SENukeX renowned for the software functionality. While SAM does not replicate the APC guide, it was designed to help automate the process of setting up an affiliate marketing website semi-automatically. It serves significant functionality for its users and assists with a variety of common affiliate marketing tasks. The tool helps save time while helping affiliate marketers build search engine friendly micro niche sites for profit.

Some of the functions provided within Super Affiliate Machine include helping affiliate marketers find the right affiliate offers for their affiliate marketing websites, to keyword research inclusive of keyword suggestions and competition analysis. SAM also helps affiliate marketers with installing a WordPress site removing the difficult technical aspects of creating a micro niche site. Importantly the Super Affiliate Machine allows significant customization with headers and search engine optimization features. SEO is critical for a successful affiliate marketing website.

Perhaps, most impressively noted is the Super Affiliate Machine's content management feature. It allows affiliate marketers to generate content on demand. While the best practices suggest you create your own content, it is a useful feature for affiliate marketers who wish to save on content development. The content management on SAM also helps users integrate relevant YouTube videos and images. At a click of a button content can be search engine optimized with deep links. These features are designed to make the micro niche sites appear more search engine friendly for better rankings and traffic. Many marketers have taken notice of this.

Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) is catered both to affiliate marketers and people interested to make money online. Thanks to its simple push button features, SAM makes it simple for inexperienced individuals to create profitable affiliate marketing websites. SAM also claims to help users promote and rank their website on search engine using a secret rank booster technology. Individuals who wish to order SAM should not wait as prices will likely appreciate with demand.

Overall the Super Affiliate Machine has been developing significant excitement following up to their launch on the 20th of January and is expected to be one of the biggest introduction of an affiliate website builder into the internet marketing space.

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