Amy Mosley, Realtor

RidgefieldCTReal.Estate Launches New Website to Best Meet Home Buyer and Seller Needs

Individuals wishing to know more about Ridgefield, CT and the surrounding areas find this website to be of great assistance, reports Amy Mosley, Realtor


Ridgefield, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Amy Mosley, a Ridgefield CT Real Estate agent working with Coldwell Banker, announces the release of her new website, a website designed to assist the potential home buyer in ridgefield ct. Individuals wishing to know more about the area, property taxes, the history of Ridgefield, and more will find this website to be of great assistance. The same holds true for those who need to know more about the local transit system, public and private schools, and other amenities found in the area.

"Moving to a new city isn't easy, as there are a great number of steps involved in the process. The website functions to make this process easier, by providing information on Ridgefield and also on the home buying and selling process. Potential clients find they can focus on finding the right home rather than learning about the city or the process involved with making this purchase, as all of the information they need concerning these topics may be found on the new website," Amy Mosley Ridgefield CT Real Estate Agent explains.

Ridgefield is only one of many communities a potential home buyer may wish to explore. Learn more about the many, diverse communities where one may wish to purchase. Site visitors find they can learn about property in New Fairfield, Weston, Brookfield, and other communities with a visit to the site. Every client has different needs, and the new website functions to serve all individuals wishing to purchase a home in or around Ridgefield.

Ms. Mosley plans to expand on this website in the coming weeks and months, providing information on topics of concern to home buyers and sellers. Parents wish to know about schools in the area, while those relocating for work purposes need to know more about the transit system. As Mosley points out, all one needs to do is ask and she will find an answer to their question, if she doesn't know it instantly.

Amy Mosley works full time as a professional real estate agent with Coldwell Banker in Ridgefield, Connecticut. She holds a marketing degree and comes with a 15 year proven track record with major companies like Frito Lay and Kraft. Some of Mosley's greatest successes came with such companies as McDonald's, Taco Bell, Sonic, and ARAMARK, as she took a consultative sales and marketing approach to help these companies 'think outside of the bag' and achieve their goals. Individuals, just the same, turn to Amy Mosley for reliable assistance in their real estate needs and goals. Amy lives by her personal motto 'Make the Most of Today, Create Results for Tomorrow' as she works in the best interest of each client.

"If you are looking for a listening partner that will collaborate with you on selling and/or buying your home while maintaining trust and integrity then call me today to schedule an appointment. Clients get my personal time and attention with regular feedback and timely follow through. My goal is to build a sustainable relationship with each client I serve, whether this individual is purchasing their first home or their fifth. Everyone deserves honest advice and transparency when buying or selling a home and I refuse to provide anything less. Clients know they can count on me," Mosley proclaims.

About Amy Mosley, Realtor
Amy Mosley, a Ridgefield, Connecticut realtor working with Coldwell Banker, works as a full-time real estate agent, one committed to helping families looking to buy or sell a home. Ms. Mosley recently launched a new website to assist visitors attempting to find the right home and location for their needs. The website allows users to search for a new home, while also providing information individuals need regarding Ridgefield, Connecticut and surrounding towns in Fairfield County. Individuals learn about property taxes, private and public schools, the history of the town, transit options, and things to do in the area, thanks to Ms. Mosley and her new website.