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The Mild Winter in Winnipeg Creates Perfect Opportunity for Your Dream Kitchen Renovations


Winnipeg, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Not many people see winter as a perfect time for home renovations or remodeling projects. Winter is a fantastic time, whichis even better with the particularly mild temperatures in Winnipeg. Local experts such as My Place Renovation, Design & Construction insist that home renovations, such as kitchen renovations, are great at this time of the year. Although the season is often uncooperative with shorter days and lesser time to work, there are several reasons why Winnipeg's winter is ideal to spruce up the interiors of your home!

Derryl Thiessen, owner of My Place Renovation, Design & Construction quotes reasonable rates for kitchen renovation projects in winter. Even though their pricing is affordable for the rest of the year, homeowners can get the best packages during this season. "The primary reason why renovation costs are low in winter is because spring and summer are flooded with demand with more people requesting these projects. This causes a supply and demand opportunity for contractors when compared to the same kind of work done during winter," indicates Derryl. "Winter in Winnipeg is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for people looking to renovate and we can get clients the best rates during this time," he continues.

Winter is usually holiday time for many and scheduling such projects according to the homeowner's convenience can be substantially easier. This is especially evident for residents with busy lifestyles or frequent fliers,whomjust cannot afford to provide the time required to invest in the project. Though the rest of the year can be occupied by a frenzy of activities, it is during the winter that we all slow down a littleand thus, hiring contractors for a home renovation job makes sense. Many people flock to warmer regions during the winter, but with this milder winter, some can easily justify using those holiday dollars to renovate.

It can be difficult to stay at home while a remodeling project is on. This is because contractors have to restore the settings again each day after work so that the space is free of clutter. In fact, the kitchen is the busiest spot in the house. With open kitchen areas being so common these days, a renovation must be skillfully administered to create the least amount of chaos in your home whileyou continue to live there! Hiring a trustworthy, reliable and experienced contractor such as Derryl and the team at My Place Renovation, Design and Construction can make winter time the perfect timeto have the project completed ahead ofthe busy summer season.

"We deliver creative ideas and fabulously styled remodeling at reasonable pricing. All materials are priced at wholesale rates and sometimes EVEN BETTER during a winter renovation project, as our suppliers need to move products just like all other retailers." "My Place Renovation, Design and Construction caters to those who want to invest in their home and future with quality design and renovation services. Our professional team will inspect the space and provide their valuable inputs. Only after the approval of the homeowner will we start the process. Being experienced in the art of renovations, our job is to deliver the best quality makeover for the kitchen at the best value possible and turning your dreams into reality as quickly as we can, to minimize the disturbance that regular home renovations can sometimes cause."

My Place Renovation, Design and Construction ( is the website) is an experienced home renovation company that provides the ultimate service in this regard. With tons of industry insight, these experts insist that any kitchen renovation in Winnipeg is best to do during the winter. Sub-zero temperatures that Winnipeg is experiencing can be great to get these projects rolling. In fact, homeowners will be amazed by the efficiency of such top-notch contractors in the region. My Place Renovation, Design and Construction contractors are fully licensed and accredited to perform all complicated home renovation tasks with ease. Having conducted scores of exclusive kitchen renovations at absolutely cost effective pricing, the company creates that amazing dream kitchen in the least amount oftime imaginable!

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