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Waltham, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Recalled drugs have been responsible for several fatal complications in patients for over many years now. The death toll in the last twenty years has reached thousands and this sadly continues to be the reality that exists.

While growing awareness has helped many, some are still facing life threatening consequences. To help patients of recalled drugs get their fair share of compensation, Clear Injury has stepped forward in the battle against defective drug and medical devices.

The manner in which Clear Injury offers its expertise is empowering in terms of creating awareness on patient rights. Whether it is as a result of a drug, a device, a surgery or personal injury, through its strong links in the litigation field, this service can help patients file lawsuits and get the compensation they truly deserve.

Clear Injury in its role of helping clients file lawsuits also gives the medical community a first look at what is happening in the healthcare world. By informing citizens on which drugs have been recalled by the FDA and in providing the most up to date list, the company has helped hundreds and thousands get firsthand information on this topic.

By exposing little known complications of certain drugs, Clear Injury continues to stand for the rights of those who have suffered ill effects of FDA recalled drugs.

The following link gives access to the latest list of the FDA recalled drugs. Those who wish to seek compensation for their respective cases can also gather useful information on how to file a lawsuit through the website. There is specific drug related lawsuit information here as well.

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Clear Injury, as a successful legal referral service has been bringing patients key information on their right to compensation. The service is affordable and rewarding as it helps those in need for legal help get the best without spending a fortune.

Considered to present a wealth of information on recalled drugs, devices and what to do about them, Clear Injury is where rights are realized and utilized to serve clients in need of expert legal help in the area of defective drug and medical devices; with focus on enabling the client get the compensation they are eligible for. Please use the number provided below to get in touch with a legal representative today.

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