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Dating Coach Reaches Millions of Viewers


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- Dating coaches have very recently been outstanding in the media for there advice for single men, mostly bad advice in the eyes of the public was being distributed which got our team of reporters contacting all dating Experts from across Europe and America. We were very anxious to find out what the top coaches within the industry thought about the case file in recent ''Tokyo''and a few other incidents from the UK. Whilst in our search for answers we came across such an Individual whom we just had to write about and show the people the real truth about Dating Coaches.

One such name kept popping up within the Dating industry and we were very surprised to see the amount of views Kezia Noble was receiving on her channels across the internet, YouTube, daily motion, hitmission and social media were such places were we found 'miss Nobles' dating tips & advice for men. Her combination of strategies for dating, approach anxiety and how to understand women are really causing a great buzz for the single men out there and views for her advice from such places are reaching big figures.


Kezia Noble who is based in London - UK but works across the Globe helping Men Reach there goals and desires with women, is definitely one of the Bigger Players within the Industry of Dating Advice and we needed one of our guys to dig deeper and see what it is was exactly that attracts millions of men and women from around the world to seek Kezia Noble specifically. Tony, a very single man from WSV had to be someone who was put forward for the ''PUA Bootcamp'' which was held in London and also was asked to act upon Kezia Nobles free online advice.

It didn't take long for us to see why Kezia has so many admirers from around the world, Tony began to interact with specific communities of similar men seeking advice or actually just finishing similar training to Tony's and again the references for Kezia Noble started flooding in. Men were actually praising her services and advice in comparison to other dating advisers well known within the same Industry. Men who acted from her free advice were the same in saying ''Kezia knows what she is talking about'' and the results speak for themselves.

Kezia Noble's 3 Promises to you

Summary: So what did Tony gain? He had much to say but we've stuck to the main points. ''Kezia Nobles straight up direct approach is what helps men like me'' and her ''no nonsense advice is even better, Its like skipping all those years of not being with a women and gaining a full transformation within a week''. Our conclusion is only a positive one, and all we can say is 'do not let one persons bad actions and decisions put you off'', There are real people out there who need help when having a partner is involved and could do with getting the correct guidance from a expert within this sector and here at WSV we recommend Kezia Noble as the way forward for guys who need this sort of help.

About Kezia Noble
Originally working as a 'wing girl' within the Pick Up Artist Community she tagged the nick name 'bitch with a heart' for being extremely honest with her fierce feedback. By 2007, news of her advice and reputation for getting men results spread fast and before long in 2009 was running her own company ''Kezia Noble Ltd'' and till date has successfully helped over 18000 men reach there goals. Get more info at

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