Rainwater Tanks to Help Farmers in Wake of Unpredictable Climate Change


Peterborough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- As researchers claim climate change will bring soil and disease challenges, along with unpredictable rainfall patterns, Peterborough-based Enduramaxx champions the need to adopt dedicated rainwater tanks, enabling farmers to gain more control over their water supplies.

Recent research by The James Hutton Institute into the effects of climate change on UK farming and agriculture indicates that weather patterns could have negative effects on the production of key crops, including cereals and potatoes. With 2014 having been the warmest year since records began, in addition to these rising temperatures, weather is now prone to greater extremes and this also applies to rainfall.

According to the research, rainfall patterns are predicted to change as drier conditions in the South of the country cause issues with water supplies for crop growth. Conversely, Scotland will be prone to shorter, concentrated bursts of heavy rainfall, something that is likely to create higher levels of soil erosion, particularly on sloping grounds.

The threats climate change poses to water supplies across farming could be minimised, according to Enduramaxx. The company has become a market leader in the provision of horizontal and vertical storage tanks for agricultural usage and the company manufactures a tank for storing all liquids and chemicals effectively, including liquid fertiliser tanks, molasses tanks, and even manufactures WRAS-approved potable water tanks for storing water fit for human consumption.

Enduramaxx rainwater tanks help farmers to stay more in control of their own water supplies, regardless of unpredictable rainfall, impending mains water supply price increases and with potential restrictions to river extraction allowances on the horizon. By directing the large volumes of rainwater that fall onto farm building roofs, rainwater is collected and stored in optimum conditions indefinitely until it is needed for watering cattle and crops, amongst other uses.

About Enduramaxx
Enduramaxx rainwater tanks are manufactured using a rugged, single piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene. Rainwater is stored safely, with the risk of spillage and leakage reduced, protected from sunlight and extreme temperatures.

To learn more about harvesting and storing water within agricultural settings, including storing water fit for human consumption, visit http://www.enduramaxx.co.uk for more information.

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