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Southern Irrigation Announces Availability for Last Minute Irrigation Winterization Services


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- With temperatures now dropping below freezing, those with irrigation systems are scrambling to ready them for the winter. Water that remains trapped in lines and sprinklers is subject to freezing and expansion, which can lead to parts breaking. To help prepare homes for what is expected to be a frigid winter, Southern Irrigation has announced their availability for last minute irrigation winterization services. Before any damage can be done, homeowners are urged to have their systems blown out to protect their investments.

When a Southern Irrigation technician performs an irrigation blow out in Hendersonville, TN, they start by ensuring the water going to the system is turned off. Not only can a non-winterized sprinkler system be damaged by water expansion, but the pipes it is connected to are also put at risk. If the water going to these pipes is not shut off, they may burst leading to extensive damage to the lawn and the house.

During the winterization, the company will use a powerful truck-mounted air compressor to remove all the water from lines, valves, and sprinklers. It is important to have a professional perform the blow out process as the powerful machine can cause harm to those near it during operation and to the system. Since the air is expelled from the compressor at such a high velocity, it can launch debris at individuals with great force. The pressure from the air can also create a large amount of friction in the lines that may ruin their structural integrity.

With the great cost that comes with repairing burst pipes and replacing systems, it is important for homeowners to take action before the dropping temperatures cause any damage. Those in need of irrigation winterization in Hendersonville, TN can trust Southern Irrigation to prepare their sprinklers for the upcoming winter. To schedule an appointment, visit their website or call 615-266-4509.

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