New Website Scanner Is Helping to Keep Businesses Safe from Hackers Says Keep Protect

In recent months the news has reported a large number of businesses who are being hacked, unfortunately a lot of businesses are not fully protected against hackers. Keep Protect have launched a new website scanner to help keep online threats away.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Websites and web applications are exposed to online threats on an ongoing basis. These threats have increased in recent years. With such threats, the owners of the websites and applications are therefore vulnerable to an array of negative consequences.

Identity Theft Resource Center recently conducted a survey that showed a 21 percent increase over last year in the number of data breaches that have occurred in the U.S. alone. There is no business that is immune to a breach and in 2014, such large companies as eBay, Michaels, and Specs have all dealt with security breaches that have cost them considerable amounts of money as a result of credit card and other details being stolen.

Every online business has the opportunity to secure their activities. Online security breaches can be reduced by minimizing their vulnerability. Keep Protect is a company that has recently launched a service in order to provide assistance. offers a unique solution to businesses who conduct activity online. They have an online vulnerability scanner that provides inside into the details of a website or application. Website owners will be able to scan their online presence and receive a report of vulnerabilities. With such a report in hand, it is possible to take the necessary actions.

"Many people simply don't know where they need to focus their IT security. Our goal is to prevent people from being hacked. We do this by providing a scan that is informative and easy to follow," comments Marc Tourigny, the founder of Keep Protect.

Keep Protect's scanner allows businesses to protect themselves more effectively. When a website or web application is kept safe, client data and client trust remain intact. A data breach can be expensive and also lead to PR nightmares. Many businesses are forced to close their doors after a breach. This is not as a result of what the hackers stole but because of the loss of client trust.

"I thought I had a good IT plan in place. After using Keep Protect, I received a surprisingly large list of vulnerabilities and was surprised to learn that my IT plan was actually missing a lot of components. I've since made changes and now am able to provide more peace of mind to my clients," comments a merchant banker in Seattle.

Keep Protect ( is new to the IT industry in terms of name, but the individuals behind the concept have been in IT security and infrastructure for more than three decades collectively. Their mission is to show people how to take ownership of IT security to minimize and eliminate the increasingly large number of security breaches and threats.

About Keep Protect
KEEP PROTECT is an automated vulnerabilities and security breaches detection platform for websites and web apps (XSS, SQL injection,etc).

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