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Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Now Offering Equestra-Turf for Horse Arenas This Winter


Joliet, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- Regular dirt ground in a horse arena can cause much dust and can be hard on a horse injury. This winter, stable owners and customers of the equestrian market can opt for rubber mulch from Recycled Rubber Products, LLC. The company specializes in providing quality rubber mulch that performs a variety of functions. Equestra-Turf is a great solution to create a safer, healthier atmosphere for horses and riders.

The Equestra-Turf is made from recycled vehicle tires that are grinded up into tiny pieces. To perform successfully, the mulch must be mixed with layers of limestone or clay to reduce compacting. The flooring is an excellent investment because it saves money by lasting for years without needing to be replaced. Horses that are injured will have a softer padding to their step with Equestra-Turf.

The rubber mulch is available in a black color and is non-toxic to animals. Time can be saved when it comes to arena maintenance because the turf soil drains well if it gets wet and halts weed growth. Stable owners do not have to worry about termites because the mulch does not attract them like wood chips do. The rubber chips in the mulch have the ability to hold ground moisture, which prevents dust.

Installation is fast and easy. Customers have the opportunity to have 0% financing for up 6 months on their rubber mulch purchase. To request a quote, customers are invited to call the company at 888-304-2718 or fill out their online form.

For more information on Equestra-Turf, please visit their website.

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Since July 1995, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC has been in business to make a clean and safe environment by recycling used and unwanted rubber tires. Their eco-friendly rubber mulch, named Kinder Mulch, is safe for playgrounds. Their Playground Kindermulch ¾, Premium KinderMulch 3/8, and Shredded 3 inch KinderMulch are 99% metal free.

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