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Strength Training Books for Footballers and Goalkeepers Now Published


Staffordshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2015 -- Book Publisher Bennion Kearny is pleasedto announce the publication oftwo new books aimed atfootballers and soccer goalkeepers: Paul Webb Academy: Strength Training for Footballers and Paul Webb Academy: Strength Training for Goalkeepers. Each title takes more than 20 years of expertise by leading strength conditioning coach Paul Webb, and distils his knowledge into user-friendly and easy-to-follow guides devoted to effective strength and conditioning training.

Designed to help players become the strongest and best conditioned athletes they can be Paul Webb Academy: Strength Training for Footballersand Paul Webb Academy: Strength Training for Goalkeepersdetails Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Training and Full Body Programmes for soccer players of all levels.Including dedicated content on effective nutrition, supplements, the value of mental strength, and the importance of asuccessful recovery programme, each book details more than 90 exercises,with over 200 accompanying photographs, designed to develop and get the most out of a soccer-specific training regimes. Readers will learn how Goblet Squats, Sumo Deadlifts and Turkish Get Ups, amongst many other exercises, can help them get strong quickly.

About Paul Webb
Paul Webb has been a strength and conditioning coach for over two decades.Paul was signed as an apprentice professional footballer at Crystal Palace, playing as a goalkeeper. After a successful start to his careerPaul sustained an injury from which he never properly recovered. Subsequently, and determined to help athletes in any way he could, Paul began a lifelong study into strength and athletic performance. Now, as a top expert into strength in soccer, Paul consults to leading footballers and football clubs.

Book Details
Title: Paul Webb Academy: Strength Training for Footballers
ISBN: 978-1910515105
220 pages | £12.99

Title: Paul Webb Academy: Strength Training for Goalkeepers
ISBN: 978-1910515020
222 pages | £12.99

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