Get Lasting Results with Professional Skin Tag Removal

Instant Gratification Without Any Scarring


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2015 -- Skin tags though harmless can be an eye sore. Many people get embarrassed if they have skin tags that show. For some, they become a thing that stops them from being their confident self. This is when professional skin tag removal can provide relief.

CoLaz offers the latest 'no pain, instant gain' noninvasive treatments that are very affordable. The best part about these treatments is that the results are permanent and there is no scarring whatsoever.

Traditional skin tags removal techniques followed at home are not only painful but, also cause infections. Although, 'in home' removal kits are available at the supermarket, these kits cost a lot of money and there is no guarantee that the skin tags will go.

Professional treatments offered at CoLaz is the best way to address the issue of 'how to get rid of skin tags' as the results are instant and there are no side effects which is huge, considering how other methods can irritate the skin surrounding the tag causing redness etc.

At CoLaz, the primary solution used for removal of skin tags is electrolysis which involves cauterizing the skin tag with an electrolysis needle. This is a highly advanced technique employed to make sure the tags are gone for good. Those who have multiple tags all over their body may have to take multiple sittings, but, otherwise it is a fairly simple technique.

There is no pain involved and therefore, no chance of feeling any discomfort.

Patients who don't respond to the electrolysis treatment can seek laser technique to undergo skin tag removal. Whatever the case may be, the results are long term and therefore, a good way to get rid of tags and not have to deal with them again.

About CoLaz
CoLaz offers advanced beauty treatments, all focused to offer clients with a fresh new dose of confidence that can often take a hit with embarrassing skin conditions. The clinic offers professional skin tag removal in addition to laser hair removal, slimming, skin care and other beauty treatments.

Clients can book a consultation in any of CoLaz's beauty clinics located in London, Southall, Slough, and Hounslow.

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