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Balanced Essentials Now Offers Health and Wellness Essential Oils in Pure Form to Customers

Decoding the benefits of essential oils, Balanced Essentials is now presenting essential oils in pure form to the customers.


Glenorie, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- Decoding the benefits of essential oils, Balanced Essentials is now presenting essential oils in pure form to the customers. The company produces only genuine essential oils which are free from any additives and any form of chemical. They bring a myriad of essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, jasmine, rosewood, patchouli, and many more. Their essential oils are highly used for curing a large number of diseases and for the wellness purposes as well. Usages of their essential oils boost a good healthy life style.

Balanced Essentials offers lower back pain relief oils for people who are having acute pain in their back. Teri BR relived and BE sport pain essential oils provide instant relief to the lower back. BE Relived and BE sport pain oils contain anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties which provide prompt relief. In addition to the lower back pain, one can also use these oils for treating a series of pain such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain/mild neuralgia, sciatica, shingles, muscular cramps, joint inflammation, spasms, and other such pains. People, who are wondering where to buy essential oils from, can visit the website of Balanced Essentials for direct online shopping.

Talking more about their products, one of the representatives stated, "BE SPORT contains a blend of 'Grade 1' therapeutic quality pure essential oils of Arnica, Basil, Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange (sweet), Pine Needle, Rosemary, and Sandalwood in a carrier base of Sweet Almond, Wheat germ & Macadamia oils that penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream where their therapeutic qualities affect both the physical and the emotional body thus helping the body self-heal much faster than traditional topical application."

About Balanced Essentials
Cheryl Gilbert is the owner/creator of Balanced Essentials and has a background in traditional medical care. With this in mind, Cheryl developed a range of aromatherapy blends, perfumes, incense and aftershave made from pure essential oils, which are energised using crystals. These products were created with the express purpose of enhancing awareness and activating self-healing. An intense interest in Aromatherapy and a desire to create own product range developed into producing the Balanced Essentials range. Through owning and operating her own shop in 1995, she recognized the need and desire for aromatherapy products to be simple and easy to understand. Using an intuitive and innate olfactory ability to blend aromatics and using knowledge gained in medical, therapeutic, alternative and complementary health fields, she has developed a unique range of essential oil products.

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