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After Losing a Daughter Yet Finding Peace, Actress' New Book Exposes Nine Steps for Getting "Back to Happy"

In ‘Back to Happy: A Journey of Hope, Healing and Waking Up’ Connie T. Bowman fuses a gripping and poignant memoir of losing her daughter with an action-oriented blueprint for those craving joy and peace amid adversity. Comprised of nine lessons covering everything from acceptance to a proven method for quashing anger, Bowman’s work is already helping thousands find the light they didn’t know existed. Critics have already hailed the memoir “pragmatic and insightful”, “an excellent go-to reference” and “packed with wisdom”.


Fulton, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2015 -- Twenty-three years ago, Connie T. Bowman faced every parent's worst nightmare – the loss of a young child. But what started as an overwhelming cloud of anger and despair eventually transposed itself into a new, although admittedly very different, life where joy and peace could be found.

Bowman has since flourished as an actress, voice-over artist and creator of the acclaimed weekly 'Happy Healthy You!' podcast. Having helped thousands through their own darkest moments and back into a state of peace, Bowman is now reaching out to the world through a compelling and potentially life-changing new memoir.

'Back to Happy: A Journey of Hope, Healing and Waking Up' is part memoir and part blueprint to a new life of abundance.


We all face different challenges in life—we lose loved ones or jobs, fail at relationships or at achieving our goals. While our pain and grief are incomparable among us, one thing is true of all of us: we were created for happiness. But how do you reclaim this birthright in the face of devastating loss, or even just amid the daily hurts and disappointments that pile up year after year?

Step one: acceptance. By choosing to accept the reality of your circumstances, you make a mental shift that allows the healing process to begin. The surprising result? Peace. It may not arrive immediately; but slowly and surely, you will begin to experience a serene equilibrium that has nothing to do with your outer circumstances.

Acceptance is just the first step in your journey to reclaim a vibrant life. In her book Back to Happy: A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Waking Up, Connie T. Bowman shares how she rediscovered joy after the death of her first child. In addition to personal stories, she offers nine practical steps you can take toward healing as well as links to podcast interviews and a list of helpful books, videos, prayers, and poems.

"When I lost Meghan, I was certain I'd never be happy again," explains Bowman. "While life has never been and will never be the same, I learned that it is more than possible to find a new type of joy in the rough. As my synopsis states, I had to endure a painful and long process of acceptance, but have since become very content with how I am playing the cards I was dealt. My book will show anyone how to do the same."

Continuing, "I feel it is important to fuse my nine action steps with my life story, because millions of others going through grief feel like they are alone; like nobody out there has experienced the same pain brought on by loss. But readers don't hear from just me; the book is chock-full of inspirational stories and insight from others who have stared demons in the eyes but who have also been healed. The over-riding message is that you will be content again, and my book is the starting block for this uplifting journey."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Sharon DuBey comments, "I read this lovely book in one sitting during the Christmas holiday season. An apt time for remembering those we have loved. The book offers pragmatic and insightful guidance through the author's first-hand experience with the loss of a child. Simply put- it brought tears to my eyes and made me smile at the same time because it is so inspiring on many different levels."

Another reader adds, "A Quick read and Connie's writing is so honest, so pure, and so direct. Her journey of grief, acceptance and healing gives inspiration of not only how one can begin to heal but how one can journey forward. Everyone know life goes on but the question always is...how? Back to Happy certainly explains that. This book is an angelic gift on the road to healing from any loss."

'Back to Happy: A Journey of Hope, Healing and Waking Up' is available now:

For more information, visit the author's official website: http://conniebowman.com

About Connie T. Bowman
Connie T. Bowman, an actress and voice-over talent who has performed on the stage and in film and television, is the host and producer of the Happy Healthy You! podcast. She generally lives in the state of awe and wonder along with her adorable husband, Rob, with whom she has three children: Meghan, Caroline, and Bobby.

Twenty-three years after the death of their first child, Meghan, Bowman was inspired to share her story of handling the grief and loss in her uplifting book Back to Happy: A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Waking Up.