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All for Fitness, Fitness for All: Life-Changing New Book Empowers Children to Get Fit, Hailed by Official "Thank You" Letter from the White House

Paul W.W. Dolan’s ‘All For Fitness, Fitness For All’ uses a unique interactive rhyme format to get kids out of their seats, shaking, moving and preparing for a lifetime of great fitness. This unique project is a fusion of the author’s bold passions for art, writing and Cross Fit – and is already being used in schools across the nation. But its success has also sparked the attention of the Commander-in-Chief, garnering an official thank you letter from staff at the White House. In a nation where obesity is an epidemic, could this book hold the key to a healthy future for millions?


Encinitas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- There's no way to hide from the facts; children in the United States are some of the most obese and unhealthy in the world – with millions poised to die before their parents. But getting through to pragmatic young minds is tough, leaving the health and education worlds at a loss for how to inspire children to take an active interest in fitness.

While few know the name Paul W.W. Dolan, he is about to change the face of the nation's youth by stepping up to the fitness plate with gusto through his powerful new interactive rhyming book.

'All For Fitness, Fitness For All' is the author's own work from start to finish. And it comes with a solid goal; to make being fit feel as natural and fun as playing computer games.


All For Fitness, Fitness For All is a one of a kind book which introduces fitness to kids in a fun rhyming way, and engages them to do fitness! It is easy to read to a group of kids or one on one. With one of a kind illustrations and rhymes this book is sure to command everyone's attention and get kids moving!

"The bottom line is that most kids don't know where to start when it comes to fitness; and they have no inspiration to actually get up and move in the first place," explains Dolan, who was inspired to help other kids get fit after noticing the difference Cross Fit classes made to his young son. "P.E. in most schools is inadequate and this shows through the fatal weight and health statistics plaguing our youth."

Continuing, "This book aims to reverse these trends by showing kids how to stretch, giving them multiple exercises and providing unique guidance to be healthy and drink lots of water. It's a complete and holistic blueprint for a lifetime's addiction to fitness. It's already being used in schools and by health professionals, and my recent accolade from the White House has made the whole project worthwhile!"

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, one professional comments, "As a university professor who teaches child development and has spent decades studying how technology impacts our world, I just published a paper showing that kids who use more technology spend less time exercising (and have worse health). This book is a great way to start them young and get them exercising. It makes it fun and easy and uses all the tools that grab children's attention including bold colors, rhyming and short messages on each page. I hope that Paul continues to create children's books as he is clearly talented at both creating a valuable message and illustrating it in a way that will attract his audience."

Irene Mangum adds, "Tried it on 4 kids this weekend, one said they were bored, so they all heard the rhyme, then they did the fitness and were all falling on the couch and bean bags saying how tired they were!-Awesome!"

'All For Fitness, Fitness For All' is available now: http://amzn.to/1C2FuQk

About Paul W.W. Dolan
Paul W.W. Dolan is a Southern California native, born in Pauma Valley, and growing up in Escondido. Surfing and skateboarding were and are still some of Paul's favorite activities. Drawing, painting, and art in general have also been Paul's passion and talent since he could remember. As a teenager Paul started work early in the automotive industry in the summer of 1995, ultimately working for a Toyota dealership as an Assistant Service Manager. Through the years Paul continued exploring his artistic capabilities painting an array of different surfaces with different forms of application and continues to do so, believing the journey to expand ones horizons never ends. When Paul would talk to his wife about a new art piece he was thinking of she would always tell him, "You need to make a book." Paul had a couple ideas in the past, however at the time Paul had started doing Cross Fit in 2012 and he would bring his son Joseph from time to time.

Finding himself always talking to his customers about bringing his son to Cross Fit and telling them fitness is something that should be introduced to your child at a young age, that it is a lifelong relationship, and that we are meant to work as humans. His creative drive led him to making a rhyme, then illustrating for a few months. As a result he created "All For Fitness, Fitness For All", the book that introduces fitness to kids and engages them to do fitness. Paul's intention is to introduce fitness to kids throughout the world, create more books, and create more art.