NFL Fans Start Petition to Ban Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick from the NFL

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick taking heat from NFL fans across the country for latest cheating scandal


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2015 -- The England Patriots, no stranger to cheating scandals are in deep water again, and this time it's from NFL fans. An post on ESPN reported NFL fans have started a petition to ban Patriots head coach Bill Belichick at Whether or not the petition will force the NFL brass to act is still unknown, but it definetely shows football fans outside of New England have had enough of a team with nicknames like Spygate, Belicheat Bunch, Tuck Rule Gang, Cheatriots, and now the latest nicknames 'Deflate-Gate," and 'Delfatriots.'

The Petition directed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell states the following: "Enough is enough, the NFL needs to ban Bill Belichick for life from the NFL. He is disgracing the integrity of the league. Spying on teams, deflating footballs, and multiple accusations from other teams of mics in helmets of multiple Patriots' players, bugging lockers of opposition, deceptive lineups. Not to mention the infamous Tuck Rule... it goes on and on. Forget fines and loss of draft picks, that is a joke for the team's owner Billionaire Bob Kraft. So they pay a meaningless fine and lose a draft pick, and in return win a championship. Not a bad investment. Belichick has long been known as a cheater. Look what happened to Pete Rose, he has more hits than anybody in baseball and he is banned for life for making bets on his team. Rose did not cheat and yet he's, banned. Belichick has been cheating for years. The NFL needs to ban him for life to show they will no longer tolerate cheating. After the off field troubles of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, this is an opportunity for the NFL to do what is right."

Facebook is buzzing with football fans demanding serious action be taken against the New England Patriots and its head coach Bill Belichick. Richard Milton, a Colts fan said, "It amuses me how Patriots fans are making excuses once again about their team cheating." Michelle Baker, a lifelong New York Jets fan said, "When reminded of spygate, Patriots' fans would make the excuse that 'everybody does it', which of course it total nonsense." John Silverman, a Dolphins fan posted, "No wonder the Patriots win the division every year, maybe the Dolphins should start cheating too so we can start making the playoffs, it certainly is working well for them." Similar comments are being posted all over Facebook and Twitter." Daniel Williamson, a blogger covering the Seattle Seahawks which will meet the Patriots in the Super Bowl on February 1st wrote, "Hopefully the hawks can pull this one out and show the world you don't need to cheat to win, that would be the ultimate revenge."

New England Patriots fans, often called bandwagoners for not supporting their team in the tough early years will probably be taking more heat than usual from fans of division opponents such as Jets, Bills and Dolphins. Fans of the Raiders, Ravens and Rams will probably turn on the heat as well. Maybe New Englanders should return being New York Giants fans, which they were before the Patriots was founded in the 1960's.