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Published Author Glenna Covino Offers Personalized Poetry Gifts Specially for Valentine's Day


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- Glenna Covino is a poet and a published author of her book "Jewels of the Heart", Glenna offers personalized poetry gifts that she writes personally in her unique style that is known to touch hearts and move the recipient of such poetry gifts.

Barb L, one of Glenna's happy clients wrote: "I am thrilled to be the first to order a personalized poem from you. What you have written is perfect for my sister's birthday, Thank you." Among the myriad of different personalized and customizable gifts available today, personalized poems have long been one of the most moving and cherished gifts according to her recipients. When writing a personalized poem, Glenna likes to take inspiration from the loving spirits around her and also the person she is writing the poem for as this allows her to create poem gifts that truly embody the sentiments and the relationship between the gift-giver and the recipient of the gift. Glenna believes that the focus of her work and personalized poems she writes for her clients is based on the purpose of the poem, whether it is increasing their joy, assuaging their sadness or sharing sorrows - it is always meant to fill the recipients with love.

Glenna will be offering personalized love poems services for the upcoming season of love in the much awaited Valentine's Day. For birthdays, personalized birthday poems are also available. Such highly personalized gifts create incredible moments for her clients that continue to serve as lifelong cherished memories and a memento of a special occasion.

Glenna's book "Jewels of the Heart" reflects the poet's own journey through life in poetry, and embodies the same loving feeling that is a part of her signature style of writing. Glenna believes that her book is suitable for reading when one feels romantic, blue, or feels like reminiscing about one's own life journey.

"Jewels of the Heart… encompasses the people she has encountered, the children she had and life situations she went through. In sharing Glenna's journey, you can identify with the deep emotions of the love of a child, the new-found love in a partner and unique characters you meet along life's path" writes Alexandria Fulford. She adds: "The book accomplishes a relate-ability to your own life. So take the journey with her, as I did, by reading Jewels of the Heart."

Glenna is currently working on publishing her second book which will contain poems for kids.

About Glenna Covino
Glenna is an accomplished poet and published author. Glenna has been writing poetry for multiple years. Her latest book is titled "Jewels of the Heart" and can be ordered from her website.

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Location: Phoenix, AZ