New Podcast Announcement: Solving Small Business Common Problems in Less Than 13 Minutes


Long Beach, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2015 -- Expert Internet Marketer, Debbie Drum recently introduced a podcast called The Small Business One Problem One Solution Podcast, found on Itunes here: and on Stitcher here:

This podcast is specifically designed for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. In each episode, Drum isolates one problem a small business can have and tackles that problem with a solid solution to solve the problem for good.

The most popular episode on the podcast is called The Feeling of Not Succeeding In Your Business (Problem 004). Folks are loving the solution that Debbie brings to light for this problem.

Here is what some listeners are saying:

"Hey, Debbie...I found #4 first and it spurred me to immediate action. It came to me while I was listening that an ideal way to build this new attitude is to take a specific moment on a daily basis to write down the little successes accomplished."

Here's another one:

"I listened to all 4 podcasts and had a few ah ha moments and I found myself nodding at many of the great nuggets you covered."

Debbie has been an entrepreneur for 4 years and she has first hand experience of the problems she discusses in her podcast. Listeners agree these are common problems faced by most entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Listeners won't find hour-long episodes in this podcast. Debbie gets right down to business with no fluff and covers the problem and solution in less than 15 minutes! She understands that her listener is very busy and wants easy steps to take action right away.

Listen To Debbie Drum's Podcast Right Now:


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