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Leather Surgeons Announces Handbag Spa Service for the New Year


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2015 -- When a designer handbag is a favorite, over time it becomes worn out from overuse. While time titles a labeled handbag vintage, it also plays a major factor in the wear and tear of the materials. Collectors and merchants looking to refine their designer handbag for the New Year can rely on the Leather Surgeons Spa Service to polish the accessory. The restoration company only chooses to work with high end brands such as Burberry, Hermes, and Chanel when conducting repairs.

The Leather Surgeons Handbag Spa Service cleans the materials gently. A handbag undergoing the spa service will be rehydrated, pH balanced and have scratches and oil removed from its' exterior. Leather Surgeons has thirty years of experience with chemists that have developed a custom matching method for recoloring the handbags.

The recoloring process performed in the Handbag Spa Service provides the exterior material with a finish that eliminates stains. Unlike other repair shops, the company opts not to spray paint exotic skin handbags to restore the color. Instead, the color is applied using an airbrush that keeps the handbag dry and allows color replacement only in the areas that need it.

The Leather Surgeons Handbag Spa Service will leave any designer handbag shiny and soft. Customers who purchase the Handbag Spa Service for their brand name accessory will also receive a free letter of authentication through verification.

Other services offered by the company include alligator handbag restoration, repairs, heirloom preservation, and authentication. The company's expertise in exotic skin and connections to top notch tanneries in the country make their handbag refinishing services beyond dependable. For more information about designer handbag restoration and the Handbag Spa Service, please visit their website.

About Leather Surgeons
Leather Surgeons is the world authority on Chanel handbag repair, restoration, and authentication services. Throughout its 30 years in operation, Leather Surgeons has provided its services to over 200,000 Chanel handbags and accessories. Along with Chanel, the company provides repair and restoration on Hermes and exotic skin handbags. The Founder of Leather Surgeons, Gerry Gallagher, studied at FIT and has made samples, consulted, and worked with most of today's biggest designer brands.

For more information on the services provided, please visit http://www.leathersurgeons.com