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Bitclub Network Encourages Public to Invest in Bitcoin Mining Pools

Bitclub Network Encourages Public To Invest In Bitcoin Mining Pools


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2015 -- BitClub Network (BCN), a leader in Bitcoin (and other digital currency) mining, forecasts a better future for those involved with the trend of digital currency mining. To allow the masses to capitalize on this trend, BitClub Network offers a way to assist people in earning a strong, continuous passive income. They see the future of currency in Bitcoin, thus their heavy investment in it. The opportunity BCN offers benefits its early adopters because of Bitcoin's global use; the first of its kind decentralized digital currency that works independently peer-to-peer, without needing a bank of central repository.

The Crypto Currency Market

BitClub Network's main thrust is to educate everyone about one of the newest ways to earn passive income... through digital currency mining pools.

"We don't just forecast passive income here, our program combines active growth and participation as well," says Chad Hershey, company representative... "Mining is all about maintaining the block chain along with verifying each transaction and BCN is an expert in this."

Everything is automated using specialized software to solve difficult math problems, allowing a certain number of Bitcoins to be issued in exchange. US Dollar Bitcoin prices differ from day-to-day and as of this writing, current high is pegged at $330.77. Predictions for this digital currency are currently positive. Some financial experts say that Facebook may adopt it to enable remittance, plus peer-to-peer money transfers (with no middle man) will skyrocket.

Experts have also predicted that every e-commerce point-of-sale will soon accept Bitcoin. Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin and major money remittance companies such as MoneyGram and Western Union could be forced to possibly close shop while exchange highs may soon be over the $1000 level in just a span of a couple years.

"Looking at all of these bullish predictions, it would be very difficult for one to lose with BitClub Network. BCN's mining pools allow members earn a profit share with just the use of their own computer. Anyone with an internet connection, basic computer skills and their own Bitcoin account can be involved," adds Hershey.

BCN has a system that is referral based. This allows everyone to work together to help leverage newly created Bitcoin profits back into their mining operations, allowing BCN to continually pay daily profit shares to their members.

About BitClub Network
Founded by a team of experts and entrepreneurs in various fields... from network marketers to programming geeks; their goal is to offer a very simple business opportunity where anyone, regardless of age or status in life, can leverage into the economy of the future. Their mission is to help people to cash-in on Bitcoin as it becomes a mainstream global currency.


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