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Global Syn-Turf Expands Their National Reach Kicking 2015 off with the Softest Artificial Grass on the Market


Hayward, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2015 -- Global Syn-Turf, Inc., has expanded its line of artificial grass products to include a new sensation: Cashmere, a silky soft synthetic grass constructed with the softest fibers and materials and made to bring pleasure to the touch of whomsoever it caresses. The product, named after cashmere wool for its incredibly soft texture, brings a first-of-its-kind approach to artificial grass design, combining its Diamond Blade technology with double thatching and a seasonable color combination.

Cashmere has its own specialized use on landscapes, rooftops, and interiors, and expands Global Syn-Turf's reputation for producing highly attractive and satiny artificial grass solutions.

"Customers have come to recognize Global Syn-Turf for the coziness of many of our grasses, in part because many other companies use uncomfortable blade designs," said Dave Maronic, GST vice president. "Well, Cashmere lives up to our standard and furthermore is a revolution to the synthetic turf market: what cashmere is to wool, Global Syn-Turf Cashmere is to synthetic grass: namely the softest in its class. We've taken our velvety Diamond Blade technology and blended it with double the amount of thatching found in most artificial grasses on the marketplace, and the result of our efforts is a product with the perfect amount of softness and flexibility that is unprecedented in the industry."

But that's not all. Cashmere was designed with families in mind, and is perfect for the family room.

Rachel Brady, Global Syn-Turf marketing and sales manager, says, "Many of our customers are family-oriented homeowners and wanted something that could be installed in the interior of their homes that would inspire activities that foster opportunities for bonding with their friends and relatives. Cashmere fulfills this need by being an appropriate implement for use in such activities as lounging with the kids in the family room, playing billiards with friends in the game room, or even as a conversation starter in a guest bathroom. In brief, this innovation will be a boon to homeowners on the synthetic turf market."

With its 1.8" pile height, 3/8" gauge, 17/10m stitch rate, 75oz Face Weight, and olive bi-color with green/brown thatching, Cashmere is free from fertilizers and pesticides, hypoallergenic, invulnerable to chlorine contamination, ideal for optimizing and functionalizing unused space around the home, requires no chemical cleanup, is designed to be used in low- to medium-traffic areas, and last but not least, saves money and water.

"We are pleased to introduce an innovative solution to the artificial grass market that meets customer demand, delivers sustainable results, and helps the pocketbook," continued Rachel Brady. "Cashmere is a powerful product that homeowners and landscapers are hungry for. As leaders in the field of artificial grass, we at Global Syn-Turf are confident that Cashmere will inspire opportunities for bonding with the family, conserve water, reduce maintenance costs and create more personal time for leisure and recreation."

Global Syn-Turf, Inc.
Rachel Brady (Marketing and Sales Manager)
2482 Technology Drive,
Hayward, CA 94545