New Book "ADRIAN and SUPER-A" Allows Autistic Children Get Dressed with a Superhero

In the second book about “Adrian and Super-A”, children with sensory issues will find a book character they can identify with. “Adrian and Super-A Get Dressed and Say No Way” is based on the Social Stories technique and can be adjusted to the child's abilities.


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2015 -- "Adrian and Super-A Get Dressed and Say No Way" is the second book out from Be My Rails Publishing in a series of books and workbooks for children with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Many children with autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and ADHD have sensory issues, and getting dressed can prove to be a daily challenge both for them and their parents. In Adrian children with sensory issues will find a book character they can identify with.

"Adrian and Super-A Get Dressed and Say No Way" is based on the Social Stories technique, and the book can be adjusted to the child's age or abilities. This makes it suitable for children between four and ten years. Children will learn how a family can tackle different clothes problems together – from the itchy clothes tags to dealing with the new winter boots, or just having to stand still.

Be My Rails Publishing was founded by Jessica Jensen, the author of the "Adrian and Super-A" books. The publisher focuses on books that will help boys and girls with autism or ADHD in their development of necessary life skills. But learning should be fun, and that is where the psychologically creative characters come in. The child will learn what is right and wrong from Thummie the Thumb and his clever rhymes, and Little Miss Trigger will offer some laughts when she cannot stop herself from the temptations of the toothpaste. Their friend Raily the Train keeps track what Adrian and Super-A are supposed to do with the help of pictograms. So once Adrian and Super-A have all their clothes on, they get a mission with three tasks from Raily the Train. Adrian and Super-A first need to dress for the weather, then build a sand castle together, and finally put away their coat and boots. And who is better to illustrate how you can change your mind and the track you are on than a helpful train? When Adrian cannot have his favorite blue T-shirt – with ketchup on it – Raily the Train comes to his help!

"Adrian and Super-A Get Dressed and Say No Way" also present different strategies that can be useful when playing together with a brother or sister, or at school. When Adrian and Super-A go to the playground, they have to take turns deciding what to play. Since the book differs from other children's books by thoroughly explaining why and how we do the things we do in everyday life, the full story is longer than your average bed time story. It is up to the parent or teacher to read the parts that they feel the child will benefit from. The concept has been tried out on children in an autism school, and the interactive story engaged all the age groups in a way that allowed the author to read the full story in one sitting. One of the older boys gave the book a big thumbs up and told the author to come back and share the money from all the books he was sure she would sell.

About the books: The Adrian and Super-A books are available in different languages, and the first book has received the "Readers' Favorite" 5-Star Seal. The workbooks practice executive functioning and theory of mind, and they are available for "STARTERS" and "SMARTIES".

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