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Dealing Jams Encountered with a Reliable Firearm: Why Choose Reliability over Accuracy in Gun Selection

Understanding how to clear malfunctions regardless of how reliable the firearm is should not be ignored since it can and will happen in the most unexpected moment.


Northbrook, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2015 -- Choosing accuracy over reliability might be one of the biggest mistakes a shooter could get in a gun competition since focusing on accuracy along with speed could mean serious setbacks with reliability. Giving much impression on achieving a high level of precision and accuracy is what makes gun malfunction tough to handle that quitting is not a good habit to consider. And if only gun enthusiast highly credits the importance of reliability, losing track during the competition will be avoided.

For most gun enthusiast encountering gun malfunctions are a big challenge to deal with since giving up on the first sign of difficulty of matches due to failures could be a dangerous habit if such jams were not cleared. Raising the white flag for not settling any faults is like giving up in a real gunfight. That is why gun experts highly advise advocates to choose a reliable firearm and have a regular habit of clearing any jams even from the comfort of their home so it won't affect their shooting skills and focus in matches.

The malfunctions that users encounter during their drills in shooting range targets are usually the following;

- TYPE 1 Malfunction or Failure-to-fire (FTF): This malfunction happens when the gun failed to fire. Instead of hearing 'boom' after pulling the trigger, what is heard is the 'click'. This can be resolved by tapping, racking or flipping.

- TYPE 2 Malfunction or Stove Pipe: This happens when the gun, most likely old 1911 or guns with shorter ejectors, failed to eject. A sign attributed to this is the 'dead trigger' or no clicks. Instances happen when some brass is sticking out the ejection port and the slide is not completely in the battery. Using the same method in type 1, the gun is again, good to go.

- TYPE 3 Malfunction or Mother of All Malfunctions (MOAM): This occurs when there's too much brass in the chamber at the same time or feed-way stoppage. If this is encountered under fire, it would be better to grab for a back up or secure a cover before executing the clearing. Grabbing the slide and locking it back can do the trick. Another method is by ejecting the magazine and stripping it. Then grab the slide again and rack it hard thrice. Reach for a new magazine, reload and rack the slide one more time to load a round into the chamber. For Glock users, dropping the magazine with a distance enough for slide to go forward and reseating the magazine could help clear the MOAM. If it goes forward then it is ready to be fired if not tap, rack or flip the gun.

- TYPE 4 Malfunction: This rarely happens yet, if this occurs, user really has to go get a new gun since the slide in this malfunction does not go back into battery after firing. This happens because the guide rod or guide rails are all gummed up and the guide spring is too weak and for some guns, the chamber design is bad. Bringing the gun to the gunsmith can help renew the former glory of the gun by replacing any parts that has been the cause for TYPE 4 malfunction.

Understanding how to clear malfunctions regardless of how reliable the firearm is should not be ignored since it can and will happen in the most unexpected moment. Clearing malfunctions and successfully dealing with it can help people and save lives in case of real gunfight or win shooting competitions.

The bottom line is taking good care of the firearms will greatly improve its reliability and performance in the matches. With the help of proper training, high tolerance and discipline, no doubt that gun enthusiast will be able to deal any circumstances without a hassle nor sweat.

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