AnalogMix Launches Its Hardcore Online Mixing Studio for Music Freaks

Mixing and mastering the music continues to influence media players of all types, as proper mastering of music is the key to its success.


Munich, Bavaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- AnalogMix, a leading music production studio, is now offering the services of advanced online mixing and mastering for music, songs, films as well as short documentaries. The firm uses the finest hi-tech software and hardware conjugated with modern studio technologies to mix and master the audio files. The studio has an expert team of mixing and online mastering engineers which has reliably produced the best and finest quality music.

An excellent mix of a song is what assists the listener to better connect to a piece of music and can have a melodramatic impact on its long-term success. However, again, there are nix inaccurate ways to mix a song, there are several mix philosophies and approaches that are usually common among various good mix engineers and trend of music. Mixing is a very crucial step in the production of a hit song. Online mixing can transform one's ordinary song into a scintillating one.

Creating an audio mix that is pleasing to listeners is an actual form of art and creativity. The handling of the signal level of the source, dynamics, and panoramic point, and some addition of great effects such as delay and reverb, can have a vast impact on the complete feel of a song. The AnalogMix studio can handle all types of genres, including Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Electronic, and Jazz, to name a few. The mixing and mastering engineer advances all pieces of songs from a technical as well creative angle, thus yielding a complete new form of song.

About Analog Mix
Analog Mix, (, based in Munich, is a leading provider of online mixing and mastering services like audio mixing, editing, and song mastering. AnalogMix provides the finest quality of the audios, which are mixed and mastered by a team of professional sound engineers and sound designers.

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