Is There Still a Fortune to Be Made in 3D Printing Market?

The range of 3D printing and marketing in sizes will depend on how far 3D printing will engage not just MCAD users who’re already utilizing prototype but also the common CAD user.


Munich, Bavaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- For the investors, conversation about value in 3D printing marketplace. Marketplaces depend on one's time skyline. In 2014, three-dimensional printing Marketplace named as one of the sectors that included in the fantastic eight "creative destructor" industries that would remake and boost-up the Global Economy. According to Cristina Colon, a recent study and analysis presented the growing chart that shows a 16% annual growth rate in this industry.

Compared to traditional prototyping and manufacturing methods, and 3D printing offers the capability for high notches of customization, lower overhead costs for short-run and reduced costs for complex design parts and products. The 3D printer file industry has been continually growing in excess of 20% every year and is widely predictable to expedite in the years ahead.

Marketing analysis indicates many more years of good growth in 3D printing, they estimate the current prosumer/prototyping/education Diffusion rate is 9% to 23% and in future it will rise to 29%-76% by 2017. According to the statistic, marketers predicated that the low-end (<$5000) grows at 30% to 50% and the high-end (>$5000) at 25%.

These statistics show the interest and attentive nature of users to capture the market in the most effective way to get better marketplace to sell and buy 3d printer files that can enlarge their business in a better way to get solid growth in the field of Three Dimensional printing.

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