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A New Website Is Now Live with the Goal to Save Families and Lives — Soberliving.Today


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- The new website is now live with the goal to save families and lives! The website is:

The abuse of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs creates significant costs for the United States, exacting more than $600 billion yearly in costs associated with crime, loss of productivity and healthcare expenses, not to mention the mental toll it takes on the people that are addicted and their immediate family. was founded with only two goals in mind – to save lives and to save families.

To accomplish these vital objectives, provides information to those suffering from addictions of all types and connects those people with the best treatment center for them.

As people have gained a greater understanding of addiction as a disease that can be treated successfully, more and more insurance plans have started to offer rehab programs as part of their coverage. In many cases, the insurance companies view paying for such treatment as a proactive step against having to cover further addiction related medical expenses down the road. Some insurance plans are very extensive and offer coverage for long-term inpatient programs while others will cover a portion of outpatient treatment.

Even for those without insurance, there are new options to get the help people need and bring real healing.

The good news is that people now have an avenue where they can get immediate help by simply contacting for a FREE and confidential consultation.

SoberLiving.Today can help people determine the best treatment program to accomplish their goal of overcoming an addiction and renewing their life. Friendly, non-judgmental addiction specialists will listen and give them the guidance they need to make right decisions. has the resources to help provide the proper type of counseling and treatment for any addiction people may be suffering from, whether drugs, alcohol or behavioral disorders. can help arrange a treatment program that is tailor-made to the individual needs of each patient. There is no obligation. By just making a phone call, your suffering can end.

About believes every life matters. Addict or not, everyone deserves to have a great life and to be happy. Each person is valuable and worthy of the best that life can offer. Those who want a new life must pick up the phone now and call It's time to restore hope and peace, and live a life of direction and fulfillment!

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Company: Sober Living, LLC
Contact: Jude LaCour
Address: Boca Raton, Florida
Phone: 888-772-6778