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Purium Health Products Offer a Free $50 Gift Card


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- While there are many different weight loss programs out on the market today, how many of them truly offer a free $50 gift card with no hoops to jump through? With Purium Health Products, anyone is able to instantly redeem $50 off on any Purium Cleanse or Enrollment Pack.

Purium Health Products not only helps one lose weight, they help each individual break the vicious cycle that caused gaining this extra weight in the first place. Purium products are 100% organic, 100% non-gmo, nutrient dense super foods that give one's body every nutrient it needs! By cutting fast food out of a diet for 10 straight days, the Purium 10 Day Transformation Cleanse is not only cleansing and detoxing the body; but kick starting the body to eat healthier and function better for the upcoming days and weeks!

The 10 Day Purium Transformation Cleanse is the fastest way to lose 10-20 pounds in just ten days. While there are many other quality products offered by Purium, nothing can shed the pounds as quickly, or cut inches off one's waistline in as short of a time frame.

Unfortunately society today hates to wait for results, but with rapidly advancing technology, why should one wait for jaw dropping results? Weight loss programs used to take 2-3 months to show even the slightest results, while charging their members an arm and a leg throughout the entire process. With Purium Health Products each member can take care of every meal for 10 days, and spend less than $23 a day doing so!

The Purium 10 Day Celebrity Transformation is truly the most cost effective weight loss program out on the market today. To make this an even better deal, you can use the coupon code: "lose15in10" at to get $50 off any Purium Cleanse or Enrollment Pack instantly! This deal is limited to one use per person, and once the first 1000 gift cards have been given out, this deal will effectively be closed for good.

Take control of weight and choose to live a healthier lifestyle this new year. Use the coupon code above, and lose 10-20 pounds in just ten days to kick start individual weight loss goals for the rest of 2015! Purium Health Products allows its members the chance to achieve a slimmer, healthier body!

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