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Jerry Free Makes Colon Care Easy in New Post Series


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2015 -- Hemorrhoid sufferers looking to maximise the success of their colon care regimen have a new resource to enjoy: Jerry Free has released a new series of articles on the basics of colon care, which take a 'short and sharp' approach to keeping the digestive system in good working order. A third in the series was released recently and more are to follow.

"If you don't properly care for your colon," Internet hemorrhoid authority Jerry Free noted, "this may be one of the symptoms which may lead to developing hemorrhoids, bowel irritation, or even cancer."

Free, so far, recommends in his new colon care series: good exercise, a healthy amount of fibre in the diet, and drinking plenty of water.

Exercise for Colon Care

Exercise represents one of the best ways to care for the colon. For example, colon cancer starts in the polyps that form inside the colon.

Many of these aren't dangerous, but some can develop into cancer. The best way to stop them from forming in the first place is to focus on living an active, healthy lifestyle.

According to Free, people should not view exercise as a tool to simply improve their physique or lose weight. They should also see staying active as a way of promoting long term colon health. Regular exercise is an excellent way to prevent colon cancer and other digestive problems.

The most helpful exercises for the colon are physical activities which involve working out the lower body and legs. These include dancing, cycling, and running.

Medical studies have shown that patients who exercise regularly for a period of at least 10 years during their adult life are much less likely to ever develop colon cancer compared with patients who do not exercise. It's a simple prevention method that keeps everyone living healthier and longer.

The Power of Fibre and Water

Waste build up is a common cause of colon problems. Too much waste can damage the digestive system and cause many other health issues.

The best way to get waste out of the colon is with a high-fibre diet. People who consume fibre on a regular basis will avoid needing colon cleansers or enemas to keep their digestive systems clean.

Why is this? Free says that fibre helps the food move through the digestive tract, and also helps clean the colon of waste which has built up over time. Incorporating a high-fibre food into at least one meal each day is all that is required to keep the colon clean and ensure regular bowel movements.

Helpful high fibre foods include raisins and prunes, legumes, pasta, peas, granola, leafy vegetables, brown rice, and many others.

Finally, it's crucial that everyone drink enough water. Most people do not drink enough water each day, Free says, despite the fact that our bodies are mostly water. If the digestive system does not get the water it needs, it will have trouble functioning the way it is supposed to work.

People should have a full glass of water alongside each meal. This not only helps flush out the system and eliminate toxins in the body, it gives the colon lubrication, helping the stools become easier to expel and softer.

Ideally, people should drink a total of around 2 litres water per day.

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