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Whitebrow Marketing Launches New SEO Website Offering Vancouver SEO Services

Vancouver SEO agency launches new website to reach more customers


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- Whitebrow Marketing is a new website dedicated to offering Vancouver SEO services. They have quickly become the leading Vancouver SEO expert, providing the services for businesses to gain more customers.

The site offers a wide range of SEO in Vancouver. They have become popular by not outsourcing any aspect of the process. "We pride ourselves on not using any shady practises or black hat tactics," explains John McKean, the site owner. The company is unique in that they don't have long term contracts. Instead, businesses can work with Whitebrow Marketing on a month to month basis.

The website explains the two primary services. The first is SEO, also known as search engine optimisation. Customers need to be able to find businesses on Google. Those, that are not showing up in the search engine results, are not getting the visibility that is needed. Whitebrow Marketing analyses a company's keywords and does all of the necessary tracking to show a company how they are progressing on Google and the other search engines to higher optimisation.

Website recovery is also a service that is provided. This is designed to help repair damage that a company has sustained. The ranking can improve once again so a company can obtain more customers by being more visible – or reach the ranks that they were once at. They use Vancouver SEO tactics to help improve the ranking in one capacity or another.

SEO companies continue to be in demand throughout Vancouver and the rest of the world. "People don't use Yellow Pages anymore, and that means we have to rely more heavily on people finding us within the search engines," comments a business owner using Vancouver SEO services by Whitebrow Marketing. "We have been able to get great results with Whitebrow because they understand the SEO formulas used by Google, and that helps us to get a higher ranking in a shorter amount of time."

Whitebrow Marketing has launched their website to provide an explanation of their services. They also feature a discovery form on their website where people can learn more about what SEO is and how it will help them. There are three steps to filling out the form that includes basic information about the business. Whitebrow Marketing works with clients who are active participants in their business, have a steady flow of leads, and have a good reputation. They do not work with get rich schemes, start-ups, or adult-themed material. Upon filling out the form, the company provides a quick response and a complimentary call to discuss SEO needs, which will typically last between 45 and 60 minutes.

About Whitebrow Marketing
Whitebrow Marketing is a leading Vancouver digital SEO agency specializing in increasing the visibility, search engine rankings, leads and sales of small and medium sized businesses. The agency uses bespoke SEO plans for each client encompassing white hat strategies to produce long term ROI for their clients.

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