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Beachwood, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- A group of 8-11 year-old kids have recently attended weekly STEM camps hosted by Funutation and discovered how fun it was to code and design their own video games.

Aven, a 10-year-old, is among the 20 kids over the course of 4 weeks who attended the camp. He says that he did not know before that he could simply create a game on his computer. Aven and his friends have demonstrated their creativity by designing their own computer games. They learned about the IT jargon such as "Sprite" and basic computational knowledge. Carter, another 8-year-old, said that after taking this camp, he has been inspired to make a better game. Some of the kids believe that this could be another hobby they can take in addition to sports.

Nathan Doerr, Funutation's Chief Technology Officer said that instructors show kids how to create video games with Gamemaker 8.1. Each week, they met for 30 minutes for 4 consecutive weeks at the Calvary Assembly of God in Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Doerr says that Funutation tech camps are the only camps in the country that develop team building skills while satisfying the National Standards of TEAMS™: Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics & Science. According to Doerr, "TEAMS-based summer camps create an immersive and collaborative environment where kids like Aven learn valuable lessons in cooperating with others to gain an objective. This also brings confidence kids to achieve bigger goals by collaborating with others than what may be possible to do alone. At the same time, campers learn to be creative innovators and problem solvers while using technology effectively and productively."

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Funutation Tekademy LLC teaches kids ages 7 to 15 computer coding in fun ways using their trademarked Funutation TEAMS (technology, engineering, arts, math, and science) philosophy. Kids make their own video games, build battle robots, and more as part of these STEM based camps! The curriculum team consists of graduates from top-tier universities such as the University of California at Berkeley and Case Western Reserve University.

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