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The INSTANT Series Is Reshaping the Self-Help Industry


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2015 -- There is a common accepted belief, that people are who they are whether they like it or not, and there is nothing they can do about it. If people are unhappy with their quality of life, standard of living, and place in society, they should accept themselves for that.

Unfortunately, this idea of self-acceptance is widespread like a virus within society and across media, TVs, movies, and magazines. But what if this were only a conspiracy to prevent those from progressing in life, to keep everything and everybody in the majority of mediocrity?

Successful people know they are the ones in control of their destiny. They don't accept defeat, and failure is not an option. The number one trait time and time again that separates those who succeed and those who don't, is perseverance. They have a weakness, they build strength. They see a problem, they find a solution. They don't know how, they learn.

Yet, this notion of seeking self-help can be slightly taboo, because there is an underlining assumption that people who need self-help must have something wrong with them and not necessary, for they are fine who they are. Not truth, but rather they want to be better than where they are and even better than everybody else around them to improve their life.

In order for human society to advance, constant improvement and progression are needed not only in the individual but as a society.

The problem with most self-help media is their lack of application implantation for the individual, instead of feel-good motivation. Take for instance, the idea of "confidence" has being used over and over again as the common recurring theme within self-help. It is brought up as the only magic solution for business, relationship, and basically anything. Without the practicality of knowing how to do, that's where they will still fail for having confidence alone for custom specificity won't yield the desired outcome.

That's where the self-help publisher the INSTANT Series is reshaping things with their instant results philosophy. Self-improvement, whether better communication, relationship, business, health, career, productivity, etc., should not be wasted years with all the fluffs, but rather be dived right into the core of the issue giving the bare minimum essential information to achieve the result as quickly as possible.

Everybody is a student of life; that's why the INSTANT Series is currently giving folks the opportunity to receive all their series of self-help books for free in exchange for folks' feedback to help make the series better. The good news is, anybody can join!

About The INSTANT Series
The INSTANT Series is all about producing the results in the quickest shortest amount of time possible. Quick and to the point, without the pointless fluffs, useless theories, and same old common sense cliché everybody knows, but real practical actionable information that work.

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Contact: Andrew Gardner
Company: Instant Series Publication