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TheDogtor Releases a Way to Get an Emotional Support Dog Letter in 2 Easy Steps


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2015 -- For those individuals who are experience emotional disorders, there is a way to naturally eliminate it. Animals, especially the domesticated ones, can help alleviate illnesses that an individual might be suffering from. This has been scientifically proven that is why most doctors recommend having a pet if their patient is experience some emotional disorder.

Conditions that are Qualified for Emotional Support Dog Letter

The following conditions are some of the qualified illnesses that will help one get a letter of approval:

- Depression
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Insomnia
- Emotional Disorder

Of course, one should first consult a doctor for there are specific conditions, which are also qualified for the letter. If an individual wants to acquire a letter to have his pet with him during travels or living on rented places, he should visit One should equip himself with the right knowledge about the process and how the approval works.

Most of the time, the customer is given a series of online examination to determine his health condition. Once the examination has been made, the customer will be then asked for the payment. One should not worry about this since the payment is surely to be refunded once he is not qualified for the letter.

If the individual has passed the screening, his examination will be then passed to a qualified doctor for it to be checked. The doctor will then determine whether the patient should have the letter or not. The process of getting the results usually lasts for not more than 24 hours. The customer will be immediately updated once the results are available. If one happens to get a letter for the animal support, he can travel with his pet on planes or live with it without having to pay for any additional charges.

About is an online emotional support animal approval/prescription service.  People can get certified for an emotional support animal online by one of their medical doctors instantly.

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