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Mod Girl Marketing Releases the Ultimate SEO Audit Guide to Help Businesses Convert More Sales

Mod Girl Marketing’s Mandy McEwen explains how hiring a professional digital marketing firm to conduct an SEO Audit translates to more sales. She also covers the steps for conducting a DIY audit.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2015 -- Research shows that organic search accounts for 64 percent of website traffic, according to Search Engine Land. However, most companies get hung up on paid search, which typically only brings in 6 percent of a site's visitors.

A proper SEO Audit is the best way to make sure everything is being done to ensure website visibility and conversions. Mod Girl Marketing, a national digital marketing firm based out of San Diego, California, published helpful tips for beginning an SEO Audit this month.

"January is a good time to assess your situation," says Mod Girl Marketing founder Mandy McEwen. "A good SEO Audit will tell you: What are we doing that is right – that is leading people to our site and through the purchase process? And it also examines: Where are we missing opportunities to improve our position on the web? Why are people leaving and taking their business elsewhere?"

The Mod Girl Marketing blog post covers topics like:

-The types of SEO audits
-Where to find a checklist for conducting your own SEO Audit
-Popular SEO audit tools
-Reasons to outsource an SEO Audit

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"People come to us for SEO Audits because data is boring," Mandy chuckles. "There are people who are 'website traffic super sleuths' – who live for number-crunching and data extrapolation – and then there is everybody else! We are blessed with a few SEO professionals working for us who eat, sleep, and breathe algorithms."

She adds that there is a lot of value in outsourcing SEO Audits. "Working with us saves businesses a ton of time and resources," Mandy explains. "We deliver actionable plans for clients to develop a more robust digital marketing strategy for 2015, but we can also do a lot of the back-end tinkering for them, too. That's the benefit of working with a consultant, really… you're not alone in this quest to improve your rankings."

According to Mandy, the average SEO Audit pays for itself in greater sales conversions, ten-fold. She invites businesses who are looking for assistance improving their website visibility to contact Mod Girl Marketing directly for more information.

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