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Kitchen Tools by HomeWarez OfferSafe Food Handling & Prevention of Cross Contamination


Amery, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- More and more kitchen tools and appliances are available on sale these days and in order to find the best ones, individuals have been recommended to indulge in a good amount of research beforehand. HomeWarez is one of the most well-known and high end brands when it comes to offering the best kitchen tools that are not only of high quality but are also in the affordable price range that a lot of other brands cannot beat out there.

The flexible cutting board by HomeWarez has triggered the attention of many people as the board has a striking design which surely is different from other boards these days. With its antimicrobial properties, the board prevents cross contamination to happen, which is what happens otherwise. The set of four cutting boards arrive in different colors and these include red, blue, green and yellow. The colorful appearance of these boards also has a purpose and that is to distinguish their job. While the red board is for cutting meat, the blue one is for seafood, whereas the green is for vegetables and meat and the yellow one is for chicken.

The best part is the fact that these boards do not stain easily, unlike other regular boards that are likely to stain after only a couple of uses. On the other hand, odor that causes bacteria in the long run can be prevented completely by using this board as it has antimicrobial properties. Hence, these antimicrobial cutting boards are definitely worth investing in and at the total price of $15.97 only, the price surely is very reasonable in comparison with a lot of other brands in the present times. Similarly, more benefits of these boards include the fact that they do not dull the knives at all and they most definitely are safe to be used within a dishwasher.

The cutting board sets are fully approved by the Virgin FDA and the material used in manufacturing them is homopolymer plastic along with other high end materials that make these boards durable. In order to find more about these boards, all the interested buyers have been highly recommended to visit / at the earliest convenience. Moreover, the weight on these boards is really light and they are also quite thin, which means it is easy to carry them around whenever required. The fun designs on the sides of the board make them more appealing and cool to keep in the kitchen.

About HomeWarez
HomeWarez is one of the most prominent brands offering high end kitchen tools such as the new Flexible Cutting Board – 11.5 X 15 set.

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