Rockos Announce the Release of Children's Book Series, the Furry Adventures and Tales of Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo


Concord, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2015 -- New Hampshire-based production company Rockos is pleased to announce the release of the charming new children's book series, "The Furry Adventures and Tales of Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo." This series, which is aimed at pre-readers from 0 – 6 and their parents and grandparents, is currently available for sale on Barnes and Noble and Amazon (refer to the links at the end of the press release).

The 13-book series stars Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo, a real-life angora rabbit who was adopted from a humane society, the bunny's mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, kid best friends and feathered and furry buddies, as well.

Individual books in the series include: "Mommy and Me Yoga," in which Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo and mommy visit a yoga class and stretch out all their kinks and learn fun yoga poses, and "Mommy Says: My Art Is StupendO'," in which the bunny displays creativity and learns about some of the great Italian masters.

In addition to visiting a wide range of exciting and child-friendly locations, such as a family farm, the beach and the library, the author (Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo's mommy) touches on a wide range of important and timely issues, including: diversity, tolerance and the importance of physical exercise and a healthy commitment to the mind and body. All of these topics are discussed in a child-friendly manner and in a way that encourages conversations between parents and children.

The series also discusses some topics that may cause stress or anxiety for children, such as a hospital stay or a visit to the dentist's office. Within the series, Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo is a certified therapy animal and these two stories (the hospital and the dentist) illustrate the profoundly positive physical and emotional effect that therapy animals can have on children (and adults too).

Rockos is also thrilled to introduce the star of the series, Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo, to the wider public. Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo is a wonderful year-old angora rabbit who brings a smile to the face of all who meet him. The bunny's favorite things are carrots, bananas and taking naps in mommy and daddy's bed. He also loves long car trips where he alternates between a place on daddy's shoulder or a special place on the dashboard where he can see the whole world go by.

And although Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo is as sweet as sweet can be, he definitely has a healthy dose of bunny-tude and occasionally shares his opinions with a few well-placed thumpity-thumps.

His opinion on this series, however, is most definitely two big furry paws up!

In addition to his love of carrots and greens, Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo also loves giving back to the community. As a result, Rockos has launched a generous "Gifting Forward" campaign. Via this campaign, a portion of the proceeds from book and product sales will be donated to community partners ~ primarily children and animal organizations. For example, 10 percent of the profits from the sales of the special Valentine's Day book, "Be My Valentine," will be devoted to The Children's Heart Foundation (

More information about the "Gifting Forward" campaign, or how to become an organization that Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo sponsors, is available upon request.

For additional information about the book series and Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo, or to schedule readings, please contact:

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