Carol Ann Sherman Launches Indiegogo Project for the Proper Bag Company

Crowdfunding is needed to help this small business fill two purchase orders so it can get off the ground.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- California has the most stringent plastic and paper bag laws in the United States. The easier answer is reusable shopping bags that so many people Californians bring with them to the supermarket every week. Ms. Sherman was not happy with existing bag choices. That's because they're flimsy and frustrating to manage. This led her to design a reusable shopping bag that solves every problem that exists with ecofriendly shopping bags today.

Her reusable grocery bags are made with military grade canvas, are pre-washed to maintain shape with the added features of pockets and elastic bands provides proper storage for fragile items like fresh bread, fresh flowers and wine leaving more room inside for other purchases. The easy grab 4ply handles cushion palms while carrying a bag full of almost anything. It's easy to imagine a dozens of different uses for these versatile bags in day to day life. Her innovation led her to secure provisional patents on her bag designs with the option apply for full-blown patents.

Carol Ann did her homework and all the heavy lifting; she's procured an American manufacturer to bolster American jobs with "Made in the USA" pride, selected the perfect material and went through several iterations of designs to end up with the perfect grocery bag that can do so much more.

Ms. Sherman is old school and is not afraid of hard work. She knows it takes beating the pavement and knocking on doors to build a business. She has no problem making cold calls - the bane of salespeople the world over – to make more sales.

The facts are on her side; she has two purchase orders in house and funds from this project would pay for the inventory necessary to fulfill these orders.

Her goal is to be the reusable bag distributor in the United States for groceries, retails stores and more. Her ecofriendly bags are multipurpose and can be recycled when the bags eventually wear out. Ms. Sherman is positive that once a consumer holds one of these bags and sees it for themselves; they'll fall in love with it.

That's because the initial response to her recyclable bags has been super positive. She's sold an impressive number of bags in a short period of time. One of her standing orders is to be delivered by February 15th to a high-end retailer with eight locations.

All funds raised through this crowdfunding campaign will be used to buy materials and produce the bags for her two standing orders with every expectation that additional orders are very close behind. A successful crowdfunding project will allow Carol Ann to have the inventory on had she needs so she can freely pursue her dreams with the confidence of knowing she can deliver on every new sale she makes.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on February 3, 2015.

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About Carol Ann Sherman
Despite Ms. Sherman's award-winning skills as a national advertising sales rep, she was let go late last year with the nebulous explanation of "changing conditions". Not one to sit on her hands, her strong work ethic coupled with her creativity led her to solve a problem that's frustrated her for far too long; reusable shopping bags. The ecofriendly bags she's used are too flimsy with floppy handles and aren't washable led her to design an ecofriendly shopping bag that changes everything. She has two grown children and two grand children who she loves dearly. She wishes to inspire them through her own actions.