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Primal Gym Announces Thrive in Chaos Seminar This February


Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2015 -- To enhance combative skills and receive additional training, Primal Gym is announcing their Thrive in Chaos Seminar set to take place this February. For $50, participants will receive a hands-on approach to find out which techniques work and which ones do not in various scenarios. There will be training in all kinds of fighting, and competitors will have their skills tested throughout the extent of the session. The seminar will last from 10 am until 3 pm as those who attend will learn the aspects of combat when faced with worst case scenarios, multiple opponents, or trouble-shooting.

Participants are encouraged to arrive with their gear for the full experience. From head gear to eye protection to gloves, training sticks, training knives, and training guns, the renowned personal trainer in Mercer County will teach combat centered on the gear that is brought. When faced with full contact combatives, learn how to handle the situation with this interactive seminar. Scenarios where combat is needed can present themselves at any time. Through the Thrive in Chaos seminar, individuals will be trained in situations that involve all aspects from hand vs. hand and hand vs. gun to knives vs. knives and knife vs. gun.

If interested in signing up and joining Jim McCann and his team of trainers at Primal Gym, contact the gym for exact dates of the Thrive in Chaos Seminar. In years past, all attendees took home tremendous value as to what tactics work best in various combat situations.

Those who train with Primal Gym can test their skills in boxing, jeet kune do, fitness, and mixed martial arts in the Princeton area. For more information about the seminar, or to view a schedule of upcoming events, please browse their website today.

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