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The Law Offices of Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. Are Offering Defense for Workers' Compensation Cases and More This 2015 Winter Season


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2015 -- The Law Offices of Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. is a law firm with offices based in Media and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For the winter 2015 season, they are reminding all current and potential clients that they will provide legal representation and defense pertaining to workers' compensation cases and more throughout the year for anyone interested. Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. have workers comp lawyers in and around Media, PA and serve many of the surrounding regions.

Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. is an organization consisting of personal injury attorneys covering a wide variety of cases in the regions of Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. While Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C.'s law firm is eager to accept workers' compensation cases within their service area, they also provide defense in many other fields. This includes personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, class action lawsuits and much more. They also fight for justice for victims of poor liquor control, medical malpractice, premises liability and product liability. Their attorneys are well-versed in all laws concerning liquor liability and the responsibilities of medical practitioners.

Cherry, Fieger & Cherry P.C. have an extensive track record of success attributed to their strong business model and exceptional customer service. Their service starts with complimentary, no-obligation consultations. Their organization then provides helpful assistance through advising and information. Their attorneys give quality, personal attention to each client and guarantees that all phone calls are quickly returned. Finally, for union members seeking justice, they offer a discounted rate.

Even though each case is fact-specific, The Law Offices of Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. have a great track record with other workman's compensation cases. In one case, one of their clients received a $200,000 settlement for a traumatic right knee injury sustained during work. In another case, a 25-year-old machine worker was awarded a $325,000 settlement after needing to have his left elbow amputated following a work accident.

Contact Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C.'s law firm today to first receive a complimentary consultation. Those seeking a workers compensation attorney in and around Media PA should contact them as soon as possible. They can be reached by phone in Pennsylvania at 215.660.4813 and anywhere else at 610.816.0366. Their Pennsylvania-based personal injury firm will provide strategic, thorough and effective legal representation for victims of unjust personal injury, injuries sustained on the job and much more.

About Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C.
Cherry, Fieger & Cherry P.C. is a Pennsylvania-based law firm providing strategic legal defense for victims of personal injury. They will provide effective legal defense for people seeking workman's compensation as well as any other victims of personal injury through their Media, PA and Philadelphia, PA offices.

Contact Cherry, Fieger & Cherry P.C. today to learn how they can provide legal defense in the areas of class action lawsuits, premises liability, products liability, personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice and more. Additionally, victims seeking liquor liability law justice can seek strategic defense through Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C.

Call them at 610-816-0366 for a complimentary consultation.