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Fuse Salon in Dallas Now Offers Hairlocs Hair Extensions

Fuse Salon offers Hairlocs Hair Extensions


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2015 -- Hairlocs hair extensions are now available at Fuse Salon located in Dallas, Texas. Fuse Salon offers other popular hair extensions, like Great Lengths, and has now added Hairlocs to their available services.

Unlike other hair extension systems, Hairlocs does not require heat, glue, braiding, sewing or chemicals. This makes them the safest extensions available. They are applied into small sections of your hair by looping the "loc" or ring around the strands. Then the extension is inserted into the loop and it is clamped shut over the hair. This method is similar to the micro-cylinder method, but the tubes are bigger.

They use 100% virgin hair from Europe. The application method makes it easy to seamlessly blend them into your hair color and texture. You can style your hair like normal, perm it or even color it while you have the extensions in.

Hairloc extensions can be taken down just as easily, with no damage or discomfort. You can reuse them over several years. The extensions can last up to 3 months before having them serviced. The patented "locs" come in 4 sizes and over 40 color choices, including neons and pastels.

Zoya Ghamari, founder and CEO of Fuse Salon's motto is "Dare to live beautifully." That's exactly what these natural hair extensions can do for you. In addition to hair extensions, Fuse Salon offers keratin treatments, hair coloring and laser therapy.

About Fuse Salon
Fuse Salon is the first and only salon in Dallas to offer the cold fusion method with hair extensions. According to Zoya, "Not everybody can wear the same size jeans. The same analogy goes for what kinds of extensions will suit you or your hair texture and length. I have done hundreds of hair extensions, but what makes it fun for me is that even with closed eyes I can tell where, what and how to place the extensions hair so it will mimic the client's natural hair."

In addition to her salon services located in Dallas, TX, Zoya offers services to her clientele in major cities like New York City, Atlanta and L.A.