NVQ Level 3 Training Opens Up New Career Avenues for Beauticians


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2015 -- There is an amazing potential for growth in the beauty industry. Known to be one of the most dynamic income earning markets, this industry is fast growing giving beauty professionals the chance to earn more for their skills. In this regard, the right training opens up doors for growth on the fast track.

Beauty jobs open up every day but, not having the right training can deny professionals of the opportunities they seek.

In this regard, there are schools that offer NVQ level 3 training but, this training can cost a fortune plus, not cover all the skills that a beautician needs to acquire during the course of the training. To address this lack of an affordable NVQ level 3 training package, Beaulaz offers a comprehensive yet quick approach to getting NVQ level 3 diploma in beauty therapy.

This diploma involves onsite training working with paying clients to offer treatment. This is the most effective and the fastest way to gain skills that also accounts for experience.

Specific modules of the level 3 beauty therapy diploma teach students how to provide:

-Body Electrical Treatments
-Facial Electrical Treatments
-Body Massage
-Electrical Epilation (Electrolysis)
-Indian Head Massage
-Massage with Pre-blended Aroma Oils
-Monitoring Procedures to Safely Control Work
-Get training in Salon Marketing and Promotion

The course offers students with the option of choosing their education plan based on their convenience and time. To get the diploma, all the trainee has to do is attend the class once a week for 7 weeks or 20 weeks based on the time they can spare.

Those who would like to fast track their beauty therapy level 3 training; can choose the course schedule with a shorter duration. Payment for the course can be made affordable using the installment payment option offered by the institute.

About Beaulaz
Beaulaz brings to the community of beauty professionals an amazing opportunity to grow without having to invest a lot of resources. Each course is planned with the student in mind giving him/her the chance to customize their training.

Known to offer advanced training in beauty treatment technology, Beaulaz is considered the best place to get a diploma in N V Q level 3 training.

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