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Undressing Confessions: Raw & Gritty Erotic Memoir, by Once "Naïve Novice Nymphet", Empowers Women to Never Regret Life's Sexual Journey

For five years from the age of fifteen, Sandra Bettencourt learned to control men and get everything she (and they) desired through the allure of her breathtakingly-perfect body and unstoppable sexual appetite. While she once viewed this coming-of-age as a dark period in her life, Bettencourt has since embraced it as a vital journey that led her to become the strong and resilient woman she is today. In ‘Undressing Confessions’, her steamy and shocking erotic memoir, Bettencourt lays all bare in the hope that readers will close the doors of shame on their sexual discoveries and celebrate the wild rides that make the spice of life so ever-lastingly tingling.


Grimsby, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2015 -- Sandra Bettencourt won't hide it, between the ages of fifteen and twenty she was a wild and uninhibited sexual powerhouse with a flawless body that got her any man she wanted. From daily one-night-stands in nightclubs to mastering the phenomenon of multiple orgasms, Bettencourt had more check marks on her sexual bucket list that most women could achieve in a lifetime. But, in her early adult years, Bettencourt was riddled with guilt and shame.

After twenty-five years of suppression, Bettencourt is now sharing her story with the world though 'Undressing Confessions', an erotic memoir that tells a story steamier than anything thrown out of the world of fiction. This raw and explicit recount of those tumultuous five years is 100% true, and it comes with a bold message for every female reader.

Book Synopsis:

Sandra is a naughty girl. A nymphet who gets what she wants, including the men she surrounds herself with and the night clubs where she dances the night away, meeting more men to fill her life. She is young and beautiful and men throw themselves at her—not only for her striking Portuguese beauty, but for the uninhibited sex she provides them.

At the age of fifteen, she leaves her home in Canada for a month long vacation in Portugal where her older cousin introduces her to the night life. It is there where she learns how to entice men by dressing exotically; realizing how easy it is to tempt them with her exquisite beauty and perfect body. It is also where she has sex for the first time with a young officer she lures into the barracks and proceeds to undress him and throw her naked body on him. She learns at a young age that she can wrap men around her little finger by flashing her eyes and teasing them with her sexual behavior.

Once back in Canada, the naïve nymphet emerges. Her high school sweet heart, Reed, taught her she could have multiple orgasms and for the next couple of years she explored her sexual prowess. But eventually, after breaking up with Reed, she is back on the market and her night club escapades continue. Along with her girlfriends and her cousin, Nicholas, she begins an almost nightly routine of different clubs. She captures the hearts of men, not boys, who fight, cry, and beg to be with Sandra.

"The truth is that, while I was once ashamed with how I had acted during those years, I came to realize that I wouldn't be the woman I am today without them," explains Bettencourt. "You have to find your feet in life, and mine was through exploring every exciting, wild and dark corner of my sexual desires. I don't regret a second of it, and I whole-heartedly urge all women to come out of their shells, break their own silence and celebrate the sexual journeys that make them heroines in their own life."


"Fun! Exciting! Brave! Sandra Bettencourt tells the true-life story of all the things a good girl should never do, and how she did them all. Deliciously dirty, provocatively wrong!" from, Jeff Abugov, Screen Writer for popular shows as Roseanne, Cheers, The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, Golden Girls, Two and a Half Men.

Sonya Knipfel adds, "This book is gritty, raw and real. It kept me interested from beginning to end and left me wanting more. It reaches into the soul of the author and pulls out all those hidden pieces that helped form the person she is today. It's an honest look at life of a teenager who is trying to break free from expectations set by her parents."

'Undressing Confessions' will is available as an ebook at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

For more information and updates, visit the official website: http://www.undressingconfessions.com

About Sandra Bettencourt
After 25 years of secrecy Sandra Bettencourt, the author of Poetic Indulgence: Where Poetry Meets Real Life, Fourth time published author by the National Poetry institute of Canada as well as publications in Eber & Wein Publishing for 2013,2014 and The World Poetry Movement of Canada, breaks her silence. In a very rare occasion Sandra Bettencourt deviated from writing poetry to write this erotic memoir.

You can follow Sandra and Undressing Confessions at Sandra's website: http://www.undressingconfessions.com

Sandra can also be followed on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandraconfesses and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/undressingconfessions

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